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81 Neutronz

Nick Low-beer, co-creator of Grammy winning record "Cinderella man", by Eminem, is a Dj, composer, MPC Head, who uses drum machines, Synthesizers and an upright piano to create music which appeals to his mostly hip hop sense of music. It is largely electronic, influenced heavily by trance, but at times also by Rock, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, classical, and at times jazz.

A Leaf

With their timeless style and subtle swagger A Leaf has been labeled indie rock, melodic and ethereal. Founding member Shannon Donahue describes it as “Expanding the parameters of modern folk psychedelia."


Either solo or with a revolving lineup of guests – Jon DeRosa has been releasing music as Aarktica since 1999. Beginning with his debut album No Solace In Sleep (Silber, 2000), DeRosa’s work has continuously evolved and transformed over the years, from ambient/drone, to shoegaze, to electro-pop, and coming full circle to his more minimal ambient works to date. Ceremony is the first new Aarktica release since 2009’s In Sea (Silber Records) and its subsequent remix album In Sea Remixes (Silber Records, 2010).

Aaron Flinn

Aaron Flinn plays anything he can get his hands on and writes, engineers, records and performs most of the material that you'll hear. Aaron also loves hitting the studio or stage with a long list of incredibly talented characters: poets, prophets, beats, bastards, wizards, fairies, family and friends.

Adam Sullivan and the Trees

It has been said that in New York, you're either at the top of the world or tumbling off the Brooklyn Bridge – continuously caught between the rising and the falling. It is this life lived in midair that informs the driving melancholy of Adam Sullivan and The Trees. Soaring seamlessly between driving synth rock and indie folk, the band floats effortlessly between unabashedly cheerful and starkly honest, always wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Alicia Endstrom

Alicia Enstrom is releasing her second full length album in monthly installments with visual video collaborations and remixes from across the globe. A monstEr ROARS is an album where all sounds were originally written, arranged, and performed by Alicia with her violins and face and are being performed live via looping pedals. Alicia returned to Nashville after touring the world for nearly ten years.  She spent time as the solo violinist/electric violinist for Cirque du Soleil’s show Quidam, was the featured violinist for Cirque’s holiday show Wintuk, and was the lead violinist/fiddler, vocalist, pianist and dancer with the International Violin Show, Barrage. 

Alison Clancy

In her debut solo album, Psycho Tyko, Alison Clancy leads us into a distinct world all her own: a tripped out, lucid dream, alt-pop adventure. It's grunge, it's psychedelic disco, it's a sonic fantasy where reality bends to the will of it's sweet voiced master. Alison Clancy is an artist easy to love, and hard to define. A mountain girl originally form Nevada City, California, Clancy's carved out an original and striking sound in the New York scene and brings herself to this record with intimate volatility.


Aloud is a four-piece rock n’ roll band fronted by songwriting team Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa. The two have written songs together since their teens growing up in Miami, Florida. Beguiristain and de la Osa moved to Boston shortly after high school to form Aloud. Over the years, they have created a catalog of songs wide in range, but always influenced by the 60s soul and rock music they grew up on—with a particular affection for harmonies. While the two each have their own distinctive vocal style they are at their best singing together. The two married in 2010. Aloud's music has been featured on NPR's Innovation Hub where it has the honor of being the show's theme song, ESPN, FOX, TV and just recently on a national TV spot for Ashley Furniture. The band has been written about in the Huffington Post, Elmore Magazine, Impose, the Boston Globe, and Time Out to name a few. They play regularly in the northeast, have done two national tours and have been invited several times to the CMJ and SXSW music festivals, and have shared the stage with acts such as Lady Lamb, Lake Street Dive, Cage the Elephant, Alpha Rev, and Hunter Valentine. Recorded at Boston's Q Division studios as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks series and produced by Benny Grotto, the band currently has a new double A side single and video in the works for release early next year with national tour plans to follow in the spring.

Aluminum Babe

"Aluminum Babe elude simple comparison. They yank the bittersweet guitar song violently into funky disco terrain and then gently lick it with a creamy female falsetto. Driving dance-punk energies, making for a fascinating sonic journey that is highly recommended." - Amy McGill Rock Sound.


AM is an American songwriter, musician, composer and producer born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, raised in New Orleans, and currently residing in the Los Angeles Echo Park neighborhood in California. AM or A.M. refers to his band and is also the moniker for this artist. Known for his seamless fusing of pop, soul, funk and world music, recording artist AM has released several critically acclaimed albums and toured the world. His newest collaboration with London artist/producer Shawn Lee, has been described by Rolling Stone as "hypnotic"[1] and by Daytrotter as “intricate, groove-filled dreamscapes that are every bit organic and every bit mad genius."[2]


ANML BHVR is the Hip-Hop/Psych-Rock juggernaut of blood brothers Dr. Lex “LP” Plow aka AxeMan on Electric Guitars and Hype, and The Reverend I.W¥N aka GorillaGod on Synths/Drum Machine and Raps. After years of dangerous research and development, the AB devised a method of sound design and neurolinguistic programming capable of stimulating the same synaptic pathways as heavy stimulant and psychedelic deliriants. They will destroy you. And you will see the light.

Ape Shifter

Prog-Metal ensemble APE SHIFTER will be releasing their debut album early 2017! APE SHIFTER is all instrumental and reaches from rockin' 70's riffs played with punk rock ferocity to creeping metal grooves. Intense Simian Instrumental Rock from the nasty pits of the Hellabrunn Zoo.


Atomati brings their brand of post-punk indie rock with their power guitar riffs,catchy hooks and danceable grooves.

Austin Hartley-Leonard

Raised in Chicago, schooled in Nashville and cutting his teeth in Austin and Los Angeles, Austin brings his warm alt country vocal leanings and classic song craft to this collection of songs.

Beat Positive

Influenced by the classic swing icons of days gone by, Beat Positive brings it backs with ska overtones and grooviness.

Beauty's Confusion

Beauty's Confusion is a electronic/trip-hop duo that rides a fine line between electronic pop and gloomy indie rock. Formed by Chris Caulder and Jenna Ferone, they released their album "Breathe In" in 2004, blending underground, the Bristol Sound, electronic pop, and melodic rock. Beauty's Confusion disbanded in 2007.


Foreboding and somber like a Bela Lugosi movie, but with a musical aesthetic more in line with Béla Bartók, critics have long spun superlatives that point to this band's chosen namesakes. The comparisons are apt, though, as Bela's music is foreboding and cryptic, yet lush and sweeping, in ways that unite the disparate influences. At once fluid, atmospheric, and haunting, Bela's full length debut comes across as a resurrected Kurt Cobain fronting Yo La Tengo as they cover a batch of Elliott Smith songs. Given the grunge roots of lead singer Jeff Hogan, formerly of Cultural Exhaust, it comes as little surprise that many of the tracks approach the masked tension and brooding honesty associated with that genre. Even so, there is a more graceful, at times almost classical, pop sensibility here, due in large part to the dynamic use of cello. With the beautifully sweeping strings of "Graduation Day," the full-bodied tuneful pop of "Love Lane," and the forceful marching drums of "For Those in Need," a new pop aesthetic is approached. Where the quirky "The Happy Bomb" brings to mind the simple pristine malleability of Yo La Tengo, Bela seems to have little interest in creating a similar artful dissonance. Still, Julia Kent, of Rasputina fame, occasionally uses the cello in ways similar to that of John Cale's viola, at times finding a screeching Velvet Underground spirit. However cohesive the musical vision remains throughout the 15 songs here, certain tracks, with the '60's spy movie feel of "Back in the Strip," almost resemble the strange Gregorian chant quality of the Yardbirds' more ambitious pop material. In the end, the unconventional and uncompromising sound most resembles a form of gothic chamber pop that is undeniably depressed, though certainly not depressing. If only all grunge had evolved into such a wonderful mutation.

Benjamin Cartel

Benjamin Cartel is no stranger to making music that quickly connects with its listeners. That’s something he’s always excelled at, first with the substantial attention and acclaim accorded his duo Kaiser Cartel, and then, with a return to his solo career. To date, the latter has yielded two highly acclaimed efforts, an EP called Money and Love and a full length outing entitled Gothenberg, each of which helped broaden his reputation while underscoring his obvious ambitions. “Benjamin Cartel’s songs can often conjure the same subliminal tension as that of a Randy Newman or John Prine” -.American Songwriter

Big Ocean

Big Ocean is a project of NYC based musician Michael Hanf. This project makes hard-hitting americana music that combines the edge of punk with 70’s heartland rock. This inaugural Big Ocean album is a labor of love: recorded one instrument at a time in a tiny studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn at the end of 2016. dark light is heavily influenced by 70’s songwriters like Warren Zevon and Fleetwood Mac, and continuing on to later songwriters like Paul Westerberg and Aimee Mann. Tight harmonies and wide, crunchy guitars create a signature sound that is intimate in its performance and grandiose in its composition.

Black Ocean Temple

It's telling that the first track off of Black Ocean Temple's debut LP, New Sun, is titled “Multi-Colored Sunset.” Nate Daley, the mind behind Black Ocean Temple, has always displayed a technicolor vibrancy in the many projects he's taken part in, over the years. Whether lending his talents to the pastoral psych of A Leaf, the omnivorous indie pop of Motopony, the dreamy jaunt of Sporty Lee, or the spiritual grooves of the Owl Parliament, Daley has shown a proclivity for expansive, brain-teasing music. While Black Ocean Temple is currently a full band– filled out by brothers, Jason and Joshua Ott– it began its life as a solo project, roughly two years ago. Recorded at Brooklyn's Cottage Sounds, with producer Charles Newman, and with finishing touches done in Tacoma, WA at Alma Mater with Aaron Spiro, New Sun is an album almost entirely written and performed by Daley, though its sonic breadth and wide stylistic variety belies its origins as a one-man venture. Reminiscent of touchstones like T. Rex, David Bowie, Big Star, and the Beatles, this is psychedelic, glam-tinged pop that skips melodically across the ears, finding notes of grace with every impact.

Bob Sharkey

Music can be a soothing tonic, a cure for whatever ills present themselves in the course of the daily life, a panacea that invites belief in dreams, love, and a better world. That’s the kind of feeling you’ll get listening to the mellow amalgam of folk, jazz, and rock that is Bob Sharkey’s music. In Foolish Nightmare, concerns of love and the world at large are filtered though dream-like musical musings, harmonies and melodies that arrive like old friends on a cloud of warmth and jazz guitar riffs - PopMatters


The name Bouboulena comes from a Greek famous woman naval commander, 'Bouboulena'. 'Bouboulena' helped lead Greece to her independence against Turkish rule in the 1800's. She is the first and only woman to earn the title of 'Naval Commander'. As 1st Generation Greek-American, Bouboulena received this nickname by her immigrant parents for her tomboyish and independent ways growing up. To this day, 'Bouboulena' symbolizes strength, independence, and female empowerment which is a message bouboulena would love to share and inspire any female looking to fulfill their dreams. As an artist, Bouboulena hit her personal and creative musical stride upon moving to New York where she started working for Dame Dash and was inspired to develop as an artist and producer under the musical tutelage of Ski Beatz. Bouboulena is a signed Sony Artist and has been producing, writing, and recording professionally for the past 7 years. Artist influences growing were Bone Thugs N Harmony, Three Six Mafia, Master P and Greek music! Bouboulena's sound is diverse and fits under the general category of House, Hip/Hop and Dance. Bouboulena is currently finishing her EP with an expected release date of early 2017!

Bryan Fenkart

The music world has seen many Jacks (and Jills) of all trades, but rarely does it see someone master so many of them as Bryan Fenkart–and at the same time. Fenkart released his latest full length LP “Simple & Grey” while simultaneously performing as lead of the national tour of the Tony award-winning musical “Memphis.” Fenkart crafted the sophomore album while understudying the character he now stars as, pinch-hitting just shy of 200 times on the Broadway stage. “Simple & Grey” echoes many of the sentiments and realities of his debut album, “Imperfect Man,” dissecting the story of the everyman, and shedding an honest light on it’s most valuable assets. It bridges the grey areas of life, unleashing emotional responses that uplift and inspire. Soaring, full arrangements are balanced by catchy melodies and lyrics that tug your heartstrings, pulling in many directions and with varying grips, but keeping your toe-tapping alongside. This album takes a wider, genuine look at the definition of human, adding previously unexplored dimensions.

Cameron McLain

The UK indie folk scene has scared up some pretty serious acts in the past couple years. Cameron Mclain is a proud member of this tradition, and has a tenuous connection with one of the movement's guiding lights, Mumford & Sons. Seems McClain went to high school with Winston from M&S as well as members of Noah & the Whale and Cherbourg. McClain studied religion and philosophy at Princeton but also took lessons from poet Paul Muldoon and music professor Paul Lansky, whose works have been sampled by Radiohead - so he must be cool, right? McClain often sounds like Billy Bragg singing over a David Sylvian track,but when the full orchestrations kick in things end up more in Triffids’ territory.

Car Stereo Wars

Car Stereo Wars were formed in Melbourne Austrailia by Jason White and Matt Gillman after meeting at a computer animation course. They were joined soon after by Alyssa Doe on vocals and went on to release their first EP "Project A." The song "Broken" was then picked up for Ministry of Sounds Chillout Sessions and subsequently signed to Ministry of Sound Australia and released "They Asked me to be in a Movie" EP. The single "Come to Nothing" was then added to the playlist of a subsequent Ministry of Sound chillout compilation. The band released their debut album "For Your Comfort and Safety" and has enjoyed commercial success with the track "Come to Nothing" being used in a Tic Tac television commercial in the US.

Carlton J. Smith

Carlton J. Smith is a fantastic R&B/Soul entertainer and songwriter very much in the tradition of James Brown, Al Green, The Temptations, etc. He is a true expert and afficionado of the music genre and era. He has dedicated his life to composing his own music in the tradition of the great Soul/R&B legends and night after night he channels the energy and magic into a memorable performance. His magnificent stage presence and dynamic performances excite audiences all over the world from the USA, all the way to Europe and Asia.


Brooklyn Based Acoustic Folk, rock and blues band with catchy rustic dream ballads.

Charles Newman

Charles Newman is a Brooklyn based music producer and multi-instrumentalist. His style ranges from his roots in Psychedelic Rock and Pop to Chamber Folk and assorted world music genres.

Cherry Feathers

Cherry Feathers are a French/Moroccan collective of 2 Producers (Jenn11 & N’sta) and their Mix Engineer (Das Kick) who love, more than anything, to create deliciously addictive instrumentals inspired by the Pop music of Scandinavia. Although they love to argue about Vegan cuisines, their unifying goal brings them together like no other: To Produce a #1 hit in Sweden.

Chris Hills

British born composer, producer and guitarist based in New York. Working with artists including PauliLoveJoy/ThePSM, St. Lenox and Kris Gruen. Credits inculde Music House Records (EMI), Pulse Music in New York, music placements with The Cincinnati Reds and ABC Family, The Nextmen (UK) and many others.

Chris Osborne

“Chris is a NYC-based songwriter who was born in NY but raised on a Vermont farm. The lyrical content of his songs, and the genres he writes in, reflect this diverse background.”

Christian Andersson

Being acknowledged by industry professionals that have worked in the business for decades and having reached top notch Awards and Achievements, such as getting exclusive status at one of the largest music licensing sites worldwide, Christian is an award winning composer who has also won awards in world wide competitions with celebrity judges and thousands of competitors. Christian Andersson was born 1974 in Sweden. Being a child of a professional musician, music was a part of everyday life and he learned to play the piano, recorder, trumpet and guitar. In the 1980s, he started to produce music on home computers, and from that time, he has followed the evolution from primitive tools to today's high end virtual instruments and production software. His home studio consists of top-of-the-line equipment and the most powerful virtual instruments available on the market. Today Christian lives with his family in Lund, Sweden, working as a full time composer.

Christine Castanon

Christine Castañon is a sultry chanteuse that seems to have escaped from another era. Her lo-fi 60s inspired vocals are reminiscent of an artist that Phil Spectre might have produced. Her voice envelops you with the warmth of velvet; the richness of her dulcet voice calling her listeners in like a siren beckoning sailors to their deaths. It is in her vengeful heartridden lyrics that she warns her listeners of the chaos in store. Christine playfully warns her lover, “If I’m going down, you better be sure, I’m taking you out,” in a catchy doo wop style. She is not afraid to turn the knife on herself though - her songs are vulnerable and messy, howling in pain from a love that is torturous but can’t be let go. She’s a Betty Page lookalike that sings like Norah Jones, Sam Cooke, and Amy Winehouse had a love child. Christine was born and raised in Southern California. She grew up listening to The Beatles and always found herself drawn to lovelorn female vocalists like Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, and Etta James. Her style of music and dress is greatly influenced by the French New Wave and the 60s cultural and sexual revolution. Her debut EP with producer Charles Newman is an exploration of all these influences. She’d love to date Steve Martin, so if anyone knows him…she needs new material.


Chyld was formed in the mid 80s by guitarist Glen Cunningham, drummer Neal Busby and singer Rob Villemaire. After a failed attempt with their first bass player, Pete Dove joined the band and completed the line-up.

Coates Music

Based out of Louisville, KY with a new studio opening in Los Angeles in late 2018, the Coates Music team of song writers, producers and engineers collaborates with artists, song writers and producers in Louisville and the LA area to create music ranging from Hip-Hop and R&B to Pop and EDM. The family run business led by Phillip and RC Coates has made a mark on the Louisville scene in the past couple years developing artists including BBlasian, Sage, Morgan Ivory and many others.

Cold Blood Club

Cold Blood Club, a magnetic outfit out of Brooklyn, debuted their edgy blend of soul, rock and pop with their debut EP "Headlines and Firefights," which CMJ described as a “fist-pumping ode to a party at the end of the world.” Inspired by acts like LCD Soundsystem, Metric and New Order, songwriter/vocalist /guitarist Tom Stuart started the studio project that quickly evolved into the well-matched 7-piece showstopper they are today. They've been chewing up the New York indie scene one packed venue at a time ever since, including supporting acts like Future Bible Heroes, The Hounds Below and Har Mar Superstar. Their first single, the dangerously catchy “White Boyz” was picked up by W Hotels as a soundtrack for behind-the-scenes coverage of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The band's music can be heard on Esquire Network's "How I Like It", "Surfing 28 States India", and the recently released Andrew Lau / Martin Scorsese film "Revenge of The Green Dragons." They are currently working on their debut full length "Tear Down the Maps" due out in 2016. They recently put out the song "Ghosts" as a free download and tasting of what's to come,

Cottage Sounds Unlimited

Born in Los Feliz and residing in Brooklyn, Cottage Sounds brings together a widening group of friends and collaborators to this continually growing collection of music and songs.

Cranford Hollow

It’s a boot stomp on a dusty bar floor. It’s the clang of a whiskey bottle at last call. It's grit. It's the sounds of the South. It's Cranford Hollow, a blended mix of Southern Rock, Appalachian Fiddle Music and American Rock and Roll. The Hilton Head Island quartet, comprised of vocalist and guitarist John Cranford, bass man Phillip Sirmans, drummer Randy Rockalotta, and fiddler and vocalist Eric Reid, have won over thousands of loyal fans with what they call Lowcountry Stomp, a sound that is at once eclectic but uniquely their own. Elements of Blues, Old-Time Country, and Southern Psychedelic Rock come together with ancient mountain melodies in an energetic, engaging musical root bag sprinkled with some Sea Island hoodoo. Since 2011 Cranford Hollow has been playing upwards of 200 shows a year, steadily expanding from the South Carolina Lowcountry to places as far afield as Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Livingston, Montana and Taos, New Mexico. St. Telluride, Cranford Hollow’s fourth studio album, was released on August 18th and features ten new original tracks. The album was recorded over the first five months of 2015 on the Hastings Mesa just outside of Telluride, Colorado, and at Retrophonics Studios in St. Augustine Florida. St. Telluride was engineered by John Cranford, Preston Havill, and veteran producer Jim Devito and includes two songs featuring Telluride songstress Ellowyn Kane. Cranford Hollow is touring the South and Midwest this autumn promoting St. Telluride.

Cristina Taddonio

Cristina Taddonio’s sound is as unique and eclectic as her story. Born in Kathmandu, Nepal and raised in Milano, Italy, Cristina spent her childhood following the nomadic travels of her mother from India to Israel and onward. Gathering the stories and sounds of her travels, Cristina began to write music about the people, struggles, and beauty that she experienced. Her music today is heavily influenced by her upbringing, and one can hear bits of everything from Billie Holiday to The Police in her unique pop/rock/jazz fusion. Creating a style for the heart hungry, Taddonio’s maturity and mastery of so many genres is indicative of her message and her goals. Anyone and everyone can find a piece of themselves in her emotionally intelligent lyrics and hooks that just, well, hook you. While obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music and Composition from Belmont University in Nashville, TN, Cristina recorded her eight song ep “real” in which she wrote and co-arranged every piece. Innovatively bold, Cristina’s songs fearlessly address love, God, sex, and anything else that comes to her mind with an unparalleled virtuosity of language and emotion. The result teeters somewhere between sincere and provocative. In an industry of growing instant gratification and fluff pop, Taddonio brings a fresh sound and hopeful lyrics to listeners from every generation. Cristina’s extraordinary honesty and powerhouse vocals inspire a new trend in heartfelt and quality music, and give us all something to listen for.

Dan Kircher

With decades of experience as a musician and producer, Dan Kircher has established himself as a well-versed musician in all genres of electronic music. Specializing in House and Break Beat. Dan’s experience as a former drummer in various bands brings a distinct flavour to his music, which consists primarily of instrumental electronic beats with new age soundscapes, but a dance-infused beat.

Dave Gleason

From the get-go Dave Gleason has crafted songs and executed them in a way that hums timelessly, country rock that’d fit in fine on a scratchy old turntable at Merle Travis’ house, blasting from an 8-track player in Waylon Jennings’ pickup truck or serenading crowds during intermission at a Tom Petty show today. Gleason strikes down to country’s hard beating heart and draws out the stuff that’s made folks turn to this music for comfort and delight since it wandered out of the Appalachias in the 1930s. Gleason first began honing his craft in the fertile crucible of the San Francisco Bay Area, exploring what a modernized California country sound might be. A few years back he rolled south into Los Angeles and Ventura, where he’s continued to explore the lingering possibilities of Nashville, Bakersfield and Topanga Canyon. It’s a move that’s toughened up his sound and fully unleashed his inner shredder, two things in full flower on Turn and Fade, which moves Gleason into the company of enduring stalwarts like Chuck Prophet, Peter Case and Kevn Kinney, as well as solidifying his place as one of the torchbearers for Merle Haggard, the Louvin Brothers, The Byrds and other country pillars. Not everyone can sell a line like, “If you’re going through hell, then stop by and see me,” yet Gleason makes it seem effortless on Turn and Fade, where the Neon and the Wine washes over us in a vaguely baptismal way. The hurt of living and the healing of it lies in these grooves, the ache of lonely nights and the grip of the Blue Side of the World, but also something that makes your boots shuffle and inspires you to buy another round for everyone.” Dave Gleason was a fixture on the West Coast Honky Tonk/Americana circuit since the early 1990’s through 2010-until a recent move placed him in Nashville,TN. With four albums of his own to his credit (and countless lead guitar sessions for other artists), Gleason has shared the stage with Jim Lauderdale/Charlie Louvin/Dave Alvin/Albert Lee/Bill Kirchen and Mike Stinson to name just a few. Dan Forte/vintage Guitar Magazine says of Dave Gleason’s latest album “Turn And Fade”…’Throughout, Gleasons offers enough new wrinkles to stake his claim as more than merely another “new traditionalist.”

Dave Goddess

The real thing. Deep down, we remember what that means. A voice that isn't auto-tuned. A band that's not sweetened to the point of blandness, but whose rifle-shot riffs shake you and whose message moves you. Songs that rock your soul and break your heart--ragged, urgent, full of spirit and power. Dave Goddess both seeks and finds the real thing in his self-produced new EP, Last Of The West Side Cowboys. Five songs that will reawaken your love of rock 'n' roll. And remind you why you loved it in the first place.

Dead Leaves Rising

Dead Leaves Rising is a project born from the ashes of Jon DeRosa’s first musical project Fade, which was active from 1993-1995 while he was still in high school. He released two cassettes under this moniker, 1993’s Pale, Broken Truths and 1995’s Windows, and performed his first concerts in New York City. Musically, it can best be described as minimal dark folk. Musically, DLR showed a complexity and an aggression that was absent in all of the Fade material, which tended to be passive and mournful. The acoustic guitar still served as the basis for all songs, but DeRosa’s classical training and appreciation of the studio environment led him to experiment with layered guitars, other instruments and collaboration with other players. He drew influence from bands on the Projekt Records label, (Lycia, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Thanatos, Love Spirals Downwards and Eden) as well as the 4AD label, meshing darker atmospheres with the folk music he grew up with. DLR’s first album "Shadow Complex" was recorded from September 1996-January 1997, at Waterlands Studio in Colts Neck, NJ. DeRosa funded the project through part-time jobs during his senior year of high school and released the CD on his own Brighter Records imprint in June of that year. It was limited to 500 copies on matte art paper, hand-assembled, and included a comic that DeRosa drew.

Diane Gentile

With her first EP behind her, Diane has opened for acclaimed artists: Richard Lloyd (Television), Steve Wynn, Jesse Malin, Laura Cantrell, Tommy Stinson, Jason Darling, Laura Cantrell and more. Recent press compared her to “Martha Davis of the Motels”, while calling her band “killer.”

Doug Towle

Doug Towle takes the Spanish guitar to new heights. His flawless technique and amazing speed combine with a sophisticated sense of melody to make him one of the finest players of our time. But he's not just a spectacular musician - he is also a gifted writer and arranger. His songs bring impressions of joy and passion to anyone who hears them. He takes his listeners on a journey around the globe and through their hearts and he does it all without words. His guitar is his voice and he speaks volumes with it. In 2009 Guitar Player Magazine selected Doug from among thousands of hopefuls as a top ten finalist in their Guitar Superstar Competition, solidifying his reputation as one of the top players not only in Canada but globally. He has performed across North America in such prestigious events as Guitar Player Live in San Francisco, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, The Zihuatenejo Guitar Festival in Mexico, several appearances at the Juan De Fuca Festival and the Harmony Arts Festival among countless other festival and club stages. His newest album Desire, Heat and Spirit is a treat for not only fans of Latin music and the guitar but anyone wanting an extraordinary musical experience. World Beat Canada calls it a vibrant journey that displays how far and into how many different styles he has pushed Rumba Flamenca. The Vancouver Province says a dazzling album speed and precision with rhythm and spice. Doug continues to extend the boundaries of himself, his instrument and the genre. He tours regularly across the continent and reaches new heights and audiences with every performance.

Dylan Trees

Dylan Trees is a British-American psychedelic pop band from Los Angeles, California. They released their first recording, Charlie Horse EP, in 2008, followed up by Three Times of the Day EP in 2012. Both were recorded at Mother West in New York City and Atomix Studios in Los Angeles. Dylan Trees disbanded in October, 2012.


NYC based alt rockers. A fusion of pop, rock, and acoustic folk - pounding drums under delicate anthemic harmonies.

Echo Of The Ghost

ECHO OF THE GHOST is a musical project created by Claudia Chopek and Emiliano Melis. Conceived as a mix of different genres, EOTG explores soundscapes and sonic directions expressed through drum machines, synths and two violins. “Broken Darkness” is the debut album released in 2017 for Mother West.

Ed Hartman

Ed Hartman has scored music for film, T.V., radio, and even a planetarium. In the Northwest, he has become a top freelance percussionist and recording artist.

Electric Ladybugs

Electric Ladybugs integrates intense, beautiful melodies, gorgeous harmonies, novel rhythms, and penetrating lyrics.

Emiliano Melis

Emiliano Melis is a music designer and versatile artist based out of New York City. His works are a mixture of dreams, hallucinations and aesthetics expressed with sound installations and poetry. Performance becomes a particular moment, each time played in different ways. A music journey to the deepest part of the soul running through darkness, passion, sensuality, fear, desire and redemption. He collaborated also with many musicians as a remixer and producer, and with international artists as a composer for videos and sound installations in art galleries in Europe and US.

Emily Zuzik

Emily Zuzik is a veteran of live performance from LA to her former homes NYC and San Francisco. She recently released DETOURS, a digital ep of pop-electronic delicacies, co-written with producer Art Hays, and has a single "Perfect Mistake" with Will Pharaoh of Sing Engine Records. In early 2014, she released the downtempo single, The Only Moment in the World, which she co-produced and mixed with Jimmy La Valle (The Album Leaf) and is currently working on a collection of electronica in addition to her acoustic songwriting tradition. In September 2013, Emily sang in two sold out shows with Blue Man Group at the Hollywood Bowl. In 2011, Emily was a featured singer and cowriter of "The Low Hum" on Moby's "Destroyed" album as well as the featured vocalist on the theme to NBC's comedy Love Bites. She has toured extensively across the US and UK. Zuzik is an Epiphone/Gibson Guitars Endorsed Artist. Her songs have been licensed for the CW show Smallville, MTV’s hit Catfish, The Nate Berkus Show, the fashion reality show, XOXO Betsey Johnson, BRAVO's Flipping Out, National Geographic Channel's indie wrestling doc, Slammed, Amsale Girls, upcoming releases Spring and Free the Nipple, the Cuba Gooding Jr. film Ticking Clock and the indie film Fifth Form. More at www.emilyzuzik.com.


Escapade is a NYC space rock/post-rock band formed in 1996 by ex-Drunken Boat drummer Hadley Kahn. Their music is similar in spirit to Krautrock, while variously taking in influences of psychedelia, avant garde, minimalism, ambient and even jazz. They're frequently noted for their strong improvisational abilities. Even the last minute substitution at a live show of a bassist who'd never before played with Escapade is said not to have affected the band's performance. Early albums have more of a jam based character than later works. But instead of the jam band staple of individual members soloing over musical riffs, Escapade's approach is more akin to the King Crimson or Can style of improvising collectively from the ground up. 1998’s Citrus Cloud Cover was the last album to strictly employ this method. Following this album, the prominence of synths and electronics slowly gave way to a more guitar-oriented sound. Subtle editing and overdubbing also began to be used, though the music was still fundamentally improvised.

Eva and Her Virgins

EVA AND HER VIRGINS is a dark electro-pop band from New York City that was formed in 2010 by Jabbath Roa and Adair Powers. Jabbath is a classically trained composer/producer who was mentored by Morton Subotnick. Emily Powers is a singer/songwriter and performance artist. The group's brand of music is influenced by various styles, ranging from Electronic Rock and Pop Punk, to Hip Hop. Eva and Her Virgins has created a major New York City underground music following, which includes celebrity fans. Their live shows have gained recognition among the "who is who" of music and nightlife in New York City. The new album, “Killing Liittle Humans Inc.” was produced by Jabbath Roa and mixed by the Mix Factory and David Siskovic (DANGEROUS MUSE, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, CUT COPY, GWEN STEFANI).


Breathtaking female vocals levitate above tight indie rock grooves infused with electronic textures - fall in love with Faer and never look back.


John Ferrante creates moods and sonic landscapes filled with emotion and vibe. From instrumental hard rock to unique electronic and world-inspired music, Ferrante combines electric and acoustic elements to give birth to unique sounds. Ferrante music has been heard on ABC, Showtime, A&E, History Channel, MTV, and many other outlets. He currently resides in Nashville, TN.


An orchestral pop band formed by guitarist Damian Costilla and singer LD Beghtol in New York who made intense, darkly romantic, atmospheric songs deeply influenced by their love of The Smiths, The Magnetic Fields (with whom Beghtol sometimes collaborated), the 1960s LA psyche band Love, various 4AD bands and The Velvet Underground, among others. Flare soon became a small chamber ensemble, augmenting Costilla’s guitar work with other instrumentalists for recording/live shows, most notably Mother West founder/multi-instrumentalist Charles Newman. Costilla left Flare shortly after the release of their debut CD, Bottom (Tamper Evident, 1997) to pursue a painting career. Beghtol continued to record and perform under the Flare moniker until 2001, when he renamed the band Flare Acoustic Arts League. Beghtol then became Flare’s principal songwriter/musical director, and expanded its dreamy slowcore minimalism to include vastly orchestral arrangements that pitted horns and strings, heavily treated guitars and noise loops against florid melodies and esoteric subject matter, garnering a reputation for swooning vocal performances and intense, often brutally emotional lyrics. Infrequent live performances—sometimes with nearly a dozen muicians on stage— included dates with Low, the Magnetic Fields, the Clientele and other like-minded misfits. During it’s active years, the band released four full-length albums, three singles and three EPs, in additon to numerous compliation tracks and other emphemera. Staking out new musical territory Beghtol would continue to explore in his subsequent recordings, the band’s swan song—an ersatz “double EP” entitled Big Top/Encore which included originals and covers of the swirling Psychedelic Furs song “Yes I Do” and “Morgantown” by the enigmatic Brooklynite Dorsey among its new-wave/glam-rock tinged tracks—was released by Affairs of the Heart in August 2011.

Floating Stone

FLOATING STONE is more than just an instrumental duo comprised of two outstanding musicians fusing crisp finger style acoustic guitar playing with Asian and African rhythmns. FLOATING STONE bring smiles, "hoots and hollers," and general enjoyment to its audiences - from Germany to the United States, and most countries in between. FLOATING STONE includes Jeff Augs unique fingerstylings on acoustic steel-string guitar and Niko Lai on the African percussion instrument called the udu. Audiences mixed with the young and old, punkrockers, classical enthusiasts, techno-heads, blues fans, and critical jazz efficiandos have let their jaws drop in awe while they applaud because they cannot really believe what they just saw and heard. The Washington, D.C. born guitarist Jeff Aug magically intertwines indian and oriental lines with funk grooves to the delight of their fans. Such has he performed (over 1000 concerts) as support for Rush, Queensryche, Albert Lee, and Freaky Fukin Weirdoz. Niko Lai performs as a foil to Jeffs playing having studied percussion under Amit Battacharia (indian classical percussion), Mustafa Tete Addy (West African Drum Culture), Benny Mokross, and Charly Antolini (jazz).

Flotation Device

Flotation Device is the guitar instrumental songwriting project of John Moremen, current lead guitarist for Bay Area indie-pop combo, The Orange Peels. Members of Flotation Device include Chris Xefos (ex-King Missile, current SF producer/engineer), Adam Symons (formerly The Parties) and Ian Robertson (formerly The Bye Bye Blackbirds). In 2016, Flotation Device released the album Play It for the Mystery Lawn Music label, the imprint of The Orange Peels head honcho, Allen Clapp.

Forte Femme

A captivating all female acapella group built around Cristina Taddonio and Alana Griffith and other inspiring female voices. All original arrangements - Nashville and Los Angeles.

Gaijin A Go Go

Former model and fashion designer Petra Hanson placed a newspaper ad looking for members for the "fun, fantasy, not fame" band she hoped to form. Bassist Sanford Santacroce, drummer Jon Young, keyboardist Catherine Carney and guitarist Yuji Horibe joined Hanson to form Gaijin à Go-Go. Originally, the band planned to draw from multiple influences including French, Italian, Brazilian and 60s Japanese music. It soon realized a scope that broad was not fitting, and settled on a 60s Japanese pop culture for its inspiration. In 2002, the band self-released its first EP, Hello Copycat, which garnered it attention from Sony Music International, with whom Go-Go signed a record deal. While performing a gig at Don Hill's in Manhattan, Gaijin à Go-Go was noticed by Sony Music executives, who signed them two days later. Sony hired Joe Blaney to produce the band's debut album. Go-Go released two full-length albums, Happy-55-Lucky and Merry-55-Round with Sony in 2003. The latter featured remixes of Go-Go's songs by Yasuharu Konishi, King Britt and Ursula 1000, and an original track recorded for Fuji-TV's broadcasts of New York Yankees baseball games. That same year, the band also contributed on Konishi's Atom is Born album. In 2006, the band's album Go-Go Boot Camp premiered at Brooklyn Botanic Garden's annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Gaijin à Go-Go was featured in the independent film Stanley Cuba, which released in 2007. Gaijin à Go-Go tracks have appeared on the soundtracks of the television programs Travel Channel's Extreme Restaurants, MTV's The Hills and Fox's Touch. They also have songs featured in compilation albums Atom is Born: The Remixes, released in 2003 by EMI Music Japan; Wild Sazanami Beat Vol. 2, released in 2004 by Sanznami Records and Ursadelica, released in 2004 by ESL Records.


Dominant female voice with piano and soft country infused guitar. One heavy song with basic electric guitar.


Blending the sounds of traditional folk music with elements of dark, neverland whimsy, Hannalee creates a unique music strange and familiar at once. Fidelia Rowe, Michael Harley & Anna-Lisa Notter sing in warm three-part harmony that wraps the ear like its favorite childhood blanket and sends it off to bed to dream enchanted dreams.

Harper Green

Harper Green is a New York based artist with a haunting, sultry voice. With her first EP "Cannibals", Harper has created her own unique brand of indie-pop, tying subversive lyrics to ominous melodies and edgy production. Her songs leave you on edge, wanting more and with a foreboding sense of anticipation.

Heather Stewart

Americana/acoustic rock singer/songwriter Heather Stewart sees life the same way she writes and sings about it – grounded and for what it is. She sings with range, power and emotion, but it’s her down-to-earth realness that makes this former television producer (E!’s Talk Soup) so easily lovable and relatable. She offers the next generation what artists like Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow gave to the world, particularly women – genuine conversations from the heart, a fiery and courageous spirit, and killer live performances. On October 8, 2013 Heather will independently release her sophomore full-length album, What It Is. Recorded “live off the floor” with producer Greg Critchley at legendary Los Angeles studios the Sound Factory and Sunset Sound, What It Is has a raw, organic vibe, complimentary to Heather’s being. It tackles life’s big ideas and questions, but leaves the listener with a calming and genuine acceptance of leading with love and letting things be what they are.


Higgins = the classy-rock. The songs cut deep. The grooves burn slow and feel good. The playing is expert and soulful with layers of delicious melody tucked in every crevasse. Higgins is a Rock band that was birthed out of the cultural wasteland that is Suffolk County Long Island. Two young men, frustrated with the lack of melody and tasteful drumming around them decided to take matters into their own hands and do it themselves. Inspired by the likes of the Kinks, Beatles, Syd Barrett, The Byrds, Yes, ZZ Top, Zappa, XTC, Hall and Oates, Squeeze, ELO and modern cult heroes like Lilys, Marshmallow Coast, The High Llamas and the Cardigans they set off to make records that would be worthy of their own obsessive record collections. Higgins has always embraced the DIY aesthetic and has worked diligently (if slowly) to keep a constant stream of creative output available to those interested. You could do worse than getting in to Higgins.


I.WYNN is an eclectic Brooklyn music producer/artist primarily known for his Electropop, Hip Hop and Ambient Experimental work - his work succeeds in marrying brains to booty, featuring enticing grooves and melodies intertwined with novel sonic textures and song structures.


Stefan Örn Gunnlaugsson started playing various instruments and compose by the age of 9. Number of bands and projects later, he released his first solo album by the name Íkorni in 2013. Íkorni was subsequently nominated as “Album of the Year” in Iceland by the Icelandic Music Awards Academy. Stefán also received recognition and nomination for “producer of the year” and “lyricist of the year”.


Trance and R+B roots - four on the floor beats made for dancing.

Industrial Tepee

Manhattan based band fronted by Tom Shaner, known for somber alternative rock in the vein of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.

Ivar Pall Jonsson

Composer, Writer, Author, creator of "Revolution in the Elbow", both a concept album and a theatrical show. Author of the book, lyrics and music, Ívar has been writing music since the age of 15, perfecting his craft by writing thousands of songs in his career, most of them unpublished. Ívar worked as a journalist before focusing on his career as a creative writer. He also makes up half of the musical duo Jane Telephonda with his wife Ásdís Rósa Þórðardóttir.

J. Lately

J.Lately, born Jeremy Namkung, is an American rapper from Sebastopol, California. Lately entered the hip hop scene in 2009 with his debut mixtape, Straight Outta Somewhere, presented by 2Dopeboyz.com. J.Lately’s name comes from the idea that one should continually seek change through growth and progression versus the thought that change is bad and one shouldn’t be different than they used to be, so this is him, "Lately."

Jabbath Roa

Jabbath is a classically trained composer/producer who was mentored by Morton Subotnick - as one half of the acclaimed band Eva and Her Virgins, Jabbath's independent music is an experimental and often heavy blend.

Jackie Norkin

Jackie, as she prefers to be called, has been involved with music, in one form or another, since a child. Classically trained at Julliard, she performs in a classic rock band as the keyboardist and plays cocktail piano throughout the New York area. Concentrating on songwriting, both music and lyrics) , seems to give her the most satisfaction. Whatever genre it may be, the most important aspect she tries to capture is strong emotion. " A song needs to evoke a feeling, otherwise it won't work."

Jane Machine

Jane Machine lies somewhere in your subconscious catharsis. Erica von Trapp, producer, vocalist, and songwriter, explores her demons, desires, and existential questioning through a mix of effected synths, intimate vocals, and head-nodding electronic percussion. The result is a haunting pop noir, vacillating between sensuality, gloom, and mania. Drawing sonic inspiration from her years spent in Paris, where she started producing electronic music, to her childhood spent in the Bay Area, Jane Machine lies somewhere between modern Scandinavian electro, indie rock and ambient trip hop. Von Trapp started composing songs for the debut LP “Back Seat Driver” in France after she left the United States following significant family losses and a simultaneous break-up. It was in Paris she met her partner and Jane Machine’s drummer/co-producer Jules de Gasperis when he auditioned her to sing for a New Wave project. The two continued making music together under the duo GRAND BAIN before relocating to Los Angeles to open their own studio in Northeast Los Angeles, where Jane Machine is recorded, produced, and mixed. Von Trapp is currently writing songs for the next album in her studio in Joshua Tree and bringing them to rhythmic life with De Gasperis in LA, this album taking a more spiritual, ambient, and spacious turn. The debut LP “Back Seat Driver” is an moody dance of loss and desire, and was released Spring, 2018. The first single off the upcoming EP “Recluse” is scheduled to release Halloween, 2018.

Jane Telephonda

With the sweeping Icelandic landscapes that surround them, the backdrop for Jane Telephonda’s new video and single for Into the Light We Go was there for the taking. “We took a 30 minute drive out of Reykjavik City on a tranquil and beautiful but bitterly cold day in January. We only had six hours of daylight to work with, as the sun sets at four o'clock in the afternoon this time of year. The next day, still shivering from the cold, we woke up to the devastating news that as we had been shooting the video, David Bowie had died,” says Ivar Jonsson, one half of the husband-and-wife duo. “It broke my heart. The world will never be the same,” he adds. “Into the Light We Go deals with the fact that we don’t know the answers to the most fundamental questions in the universe; the meaning of life or its purpose. What we do know, however, is that love is the answer. It makes everything worthwhile,” continues Ivar. “So, we must go on, with love and empathy as our guiding light.” Based out of Kopavogur City, Iceland, Jane Telephonda are husband and wife Ivar Jonsson and Asdis Rosa Thordardottir. Inspired by the sounds of the the classics to the contemporaries including Bowie, Sufjan and Wilco to Grizzly Bear, Of Montreal, and Queen, Ívar began writing music at age 16. Songwriting quickly became an addiction to him and a way of life, as he spent hours each day with his guitar and four-track recorder. During the next 15 years, he wrote on average a song a day, providing him with the practice necessary to hone his songwriting skills. In 2011, he started writing his first ambitious release, the 2014 concept album Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter. Subsequently he received a nomination for the 2014 Icelandic Music Awards and the album was received with rave reviews in the US coinciding with its theatrical stage adaption at the Minetta Lane Theater in NYC in the summer of 2014. Asdis was featured on the Revolution as well, and with the birth of the couple’s third child last year, making music at home became a necessity. Says Ivar: “In a way our hectic family life became an inspiration and a motivation for recording and writing songs, because we didn’t want to abandon our passion for music. Certain time had to be allotted for anything that did not involve dirty diapers, and that provided us with the frame necessary to get things done.” Into the Light We Go is Jane Telephonda’s second single on Brooklyn indie label Mother West. Jane’s first single, Transmuted Saltness, was out worldwide last November.

Jato Unit

Dj Luciano is the producer of Jato Unit. DJ Luciano is originally from Italy and has been a DJ and music producer for over 20 years, working in night clubs worldwide. Dj Luciano / Jato Unit's main influences are based upon European style dance music and they combine elements from the different styles. Jato Unit has released several tracks that have reached top ten positions in the record pool charts in the USA, and have also received airplay in Europe, America and South America. He currently has licensing deals with UK, USA, Nigerian, and Italian labels, and is collaborating on projects with other artists.

JC Milo

JC Milo carves out an impressively idiosyncratic niche with his unique brand of singer/songwriter electronic. Pop Rock qualities, danceable grooves and a subtle use of vocal harmony

Jeff Aug

Guitarist Jeff Aug magically intertwines Indian and Oriental lines with Funk grooves - he has performed over 1,000 times across the globe.

Jet Set Six

Jet Set Six is a band out of New York City. They play a loungy, cocktail type of swing music. The horn section is flawless. The vocals are strong. The rhythm is top notch. The songs are catchy. Nothing is holding this band back. They sound great. If you're the crooning type, Jet Set Six is for you.

JJ Beck

J.J. Beck graduated from Bennington College in 2006 with a BA in Music Composition and Performance concentrated around piano. He continued his studies in New York City under jazz pianist and arranger Frank Ponzio. He is also the lead engineer and one of the founders of Akin Studios in Hoosick Falls, NY, where he currently composes. As the beneficiary of his father’s musical lineage (his father is noted jazz guitarist Joe Beck), J.J.'s music naturally draws from the harmonically and rhythmically rich, complex music of his father but is truly driven by his own sense of innovation. The results reveal influences from Thelonious Monk, Claude Debussey, Maurice Ravel, Olivier Messiaen, Arvo Part, Radiohead, Jason Moran, Robert Glasper, and Jaki Byard.

Joe Darwish

Singer/songwriter and producer. Grew up in the surfer's paradise of Brisbane, Australia. His music is a unique mix of melodic Pop and Rock - he sings, plays guitar and performs.

John LT

Baltimore suburbanite John LT delivers big East Coast Power Pop emblematic of his singer/songwriter approach and his New York roots. Driven by piano chops honed since he was eight years old and a powerful voice, LT’s songs combine catchy melodies, soaring harmonies, and choruses that merrily bounce around in the listener’s head. There’s something for everyone in his music—whether as a casual listener or as one delving into his thoughtful lyrics worthy of his Georgetown University English degree. Heidi Drockelmen of Indie-Music.com says of LT’s music, “There’s an ease, experience, and evolution that speaks across generations.”

Jon DeRosa

Influenced by vocal standards of the 1940's, teenage jukebox anthems of the 50's, and the mod and girl-group sounds of the 60's, DeRosa combines them all to create a cocktail of song-driven atmospheric chamber pop. __________________________________

Karen Kenny

Karen Kenny is New York based R&B singer along the lines Des'ree, TLC, and En Vouge.

Kelly Snyder

Kelly Snyder lives within her music. Her songs and particularly her voice halt you in your tracks. They embody the raw, drenched emotion that echoes and deafens our daily experiences. She draws you close and immerses you into her thought provoking melodies and thoughts. In June 2004 she entered the studio and began work on her debut album with producer Charles Newman. (Magnetic Fields, Flare Walter Schriefels, Aarktica), This collaboration has coupled an eclectic production style with an innovative feel, ravishing melodies and a unique vocal style. In Oxygen we are sent drifting and swirling with Kelly’s rolling piano parts and captivating voice, whilst in the hypnotic Innocent we’re given a candid insight into her emotions; and finally the hauntingly fragile Rescue Me allows you to wallow in its soothing glow. Her cinematic and entrancing songs balance sensitive soul and moody songwriting with a tarnished and left of center production. This works with stunning effect as ghostly distorted guitars and pedal steels act as the perfect backdrop to her sensual vocals. It is a brief but intriguing glimpse into the musical mind of Kelly Snyder.


'Suburban-folk'. Songs about the little things and the bigger things, about life, about planes and jumping out of them.

Kev Minney

From a Northampton council estate to the edge of the cosmos, Kev Minney’s musical journey has only just begun. A virtuoso acoustic guitar player, Minney uses open tunings to create a unique haunting and melodic sound. And now, working closely with Mercury-nominated producer Jag Jago, Kev has created an album which combines his superlative guitar playing and distinctive vocals with a modern electronic sensibility and orchestral serenity


KILLCODE is a five piece band based in New York City. Their unique sound is a product of their diverse influences and has been described as "Southern infused Rock/ Metal with modern vocals." KILLCODE’s songs are hooky super-charged sing along anthems with BIG Guitars and Driving Rhythms. Forming in 2008, vocalist Tom Morrissey and guitarist Chas laid the foundation with a couple of songs they recorded at Chas' home studio. After recruiting long time musical companion Erric Bonesmith on bass guitar, KILLCODE found its form with the addition of Pat Harrington on guitar and Rob Noxious on the drums. With all members coming from established projects prior to KILLCODE, the band quickly raised eyebrows and landed on bills with the likes of Godsmack & Sevendust. KILLCODE also provided main support to Brett Scallions on the Re Fueled East Coast tour. The band's music has charted well nationally and gained the band critical acclaim worldwide. The song "Breaking Away," off of 'Taking It All', was featured in the inspirational documentary, 'DRESSED', directed by David Swajeski and starring fashion designer Nari Manivong and "6am Again", which appears on both their debut EP, "To Die For" and the self titled full length album, has been featured on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius. In 2012, they entered the studio once again with Juno nominated producer Stacy O'Dell (who produced both prior EPs) to record the full length, twelve song self-titled effort, 'KILLCODE'. The Album charted in the #2 position for the week of 8/18/12 on BILLBOARD Mid-Atlantic Heatseekers Charts. The band has enjoyed an ever growing fan base both nationally and internationally, they continue to headline and sell out prominent marquee venues including New York City's Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater and Bowery Ballroom as well as tremendously successful support gigs at Roseland Ballroom and Best Buy Theater. Their Tristate area success was complimented by successful show at Dunkin Donuts Arena in New Hampshire, Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts and The Viper Room in Los Angeles.

Kris Gruen

Kris Gruen writes songs about grown up life infused with a mystic wonder, softening the world’s sharp edges like a glass of exceptionally fine bourbon. Kris grew up steeped in classic records. His Americana influenced new folk is grounded in the tradition of great narrative songwriters like Cat Stevens and Paul Simon and yet Kris’s voice is strikingly current. A New York City native who’s put down roots in Vermont, Kris effortlessly blends sagacious wit and emotional depth. Americana UK writes "There is the sense of theatre that artists such as Sufjan Stevens achieve, and Gruen's music certainly stands alongside such artists comfortably…truly a thing of beauty.” While often garnering comparisons to contemporaries like The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, and Andrew Bird, Exclaim! Canada’s Music Authority aptly notes, “Kris Gruen is no mere imitator. He possesses a sound all his own.”

Lauren Molina

Lauren Molina is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and musician. Described as a "sweet-voiced soprano who...plays the cello beautifully" by The New York Times. Molina's vocal diversity ranges from pop belting to coloratura soprano. Her music is an original selection of folk/pop songs, quirky and playful, with instrumentations such as ukulele, cello, guitar, piano, and accordion.

LD & The New Criticism

An experimental pop project formed by songwriter/producer LD Beghtol to showcase his less dour songwriting efforts—and to be a highly portable, essentially “live band,” unlike his other mostly-studio-based projects Flare and Moth Wranglers. The five-piece acoustic ensemble, featuring baritone ukulele, mandolin, bassoon, Stroh violin and accordion, performed extensively in the New York area, and were a featured band at the 2007 Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Noted aspects of LD&TNC's live shows were the use of old-fashioned “radio mic’ing”—with the performers clustered in an arc around two microphones—and their lack of electric bass and drums. LD&TNC’s full-length debut (Tragic Realism, 2006) and follow-up EP (Amoral Certitudes, 2007) were released simultaneously by Darla and Acuarela, garnering overall excellent reviews for their upbeat mix of melodic Americana-inflected pop, often sardonic lyrics and moments of true pathos. The Advocate described LD&TNC’s brand of “countrypolitan deathpop” as “equal parts genuine sadness and smartypants sass.” The band contributed the track “Sex Surrogate” to ESOPUS 6’s invitational CD, Help Wanted, which also included works by Devendra Banhart, Grizzly Bear and others, before hanging up their spurs.

Leanne Kingwell

Leanne Kingwell has been billed on major stages and national TV alongside the cream of the Australian music industry. After a powerhouse performance fronting legendary Australian Rock band The Angels in front 30,000 fans at the Fremantle Stadium in Perth WA, the trendsetting street music press dubbed her, “the queen of Aussie Rock”.

Leland Sundries

Leland Sundries, a band from NYC led by Nick Loss-Eaton, is dedicated to storytelling in a way that recalls Woody Guthrie and his Folkways brethren. [Their] scrappy Americana will get you longing for empty two-lane highways and kudzu-encased back porches.” – New York Times “Not only does Brooklyn singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton write richly detailed, sepia-toned tunes that layer America then and now atop one another like a ghostly palimpsest, he’s just as handy at knocking out Johnny Cash-worthy trifles like ‘Giving Up Redheads.’ His quartet has been spending a lot of quality road time lately, so expect them to be well-marinated for this homecoming gig.” – The Village Voice “Excellent.” – iTunes “Reminiscent of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Elvis Perkins.” – Baeble Music “Oddball storytelling with a lo-fi country sensibility” – Time Out New York “Leland Sundries singer/picker Nick Loss-Eaton’s the-Band-meets-Lou-Reed approach mates gnawing electric guitar and old-time acoustic six-string, banjo, and harmonica melodies with dry-witted, drawling, modern-day ennui.” – Boston Phoenix “[The] narratives of bus rides, trains and bars, windmills, roast beef sandwiches and Russian overcoats are penned with a novelist’s eye for detail and delivered in a wry New York baritone.” – No Depression “What Lou Reed would sound like if he was asked to front Tom Waits’ Mule Variations band… Highly recommended to fans of Leonard Cohen.” – My Old Kentucky Blog “One of the more striking debuts this annum… Let’s hear a full-length, soon.” – Blurt, 8 stars (out of 10) “The whole schmegie has that latter-day Waits/early morning Leonard Cohen vibe about it.” – Philadelphia City Pages Online “A wholly original outfit that just released one of the most exciting musical debuts of the year.” – PopDose Crackling garage rock meets literate indie rock in a sound marinated in the extremes of New York City on Music For Outcasts, the full-length debut and first UK/European release for Leland Sundries. It comes out February 5 2016 on L’Echiquier Records in conjunction with Décor Records, and places Leland Sundries in the context of bands that combine literacy with overdrive such as Silver Jews, Deer Tick, Jack Oblivian, Wooden Wand, The Hold Steady, Johnny Thunders, The Modern Lovers and Ezra Furman. Leland Sundries is the portmanteau under which frontman Nick Loss-Eaton and an ever-evolving roster of Brooklyn, NYC musicians produce the kind of careering, scrappy garage rock which has -via nascent EP releases- already earned the band nods from The New York Times and Timeout. Music For Outcasts itself was shaped by the fall out from two particularly pivotal events in Loss-Eaton’s life, the last few years of which have seen him not only recover from alcohol dependency, but go on to survive emergency open heart surgery. Fairly white-knuckle, stare-down-your-mortality fare for anyone, never mind someone barely out their twenties, and a live-it-out experience which bears its blackly humorous mark across Music For Outcasts. Ironically, the surgery itself presented Loss-Eaton with the opportunity for his first ‘holiday’ in over 4 years- a chance which took him (not entirely to his doctor’s ease) to the UK & Europe for several weeks, to begin work on what became Music For Outcasts. He says, “I hooked up with UK artist/producer Alexander Festival Hall to demo the songs in his tiny East London studio.” Studio recordings were then made in an unheated loft studio in Nick’s old neighbourhood of Greenpoint, in a former creamery building nestled next to a bridge between Brooklyn and Queens, much of it recorded on analogue tape. Around half of the tracks which comprise the record were written prior to Loss-Eaton’s recovery from alcoholism, rendering them – as Nick wryly noted during subsequent recording sessions – ‘time capsules back to a time of desperation’. For evidence of this pressure-cooker effect in microcosm, look no further than the surf-rock wash of ‘Greyhound From Reno’, which zeros in on the pill-hazed, midnight exodus of a shady character skipping town. Whilst the track lampoons its sleazy, washed up protagonist, Loss-Eaton delivers its underlying inference direct to the mirror, written as it was at the tail end of his addiction; ‘It’s impressionistic, non-linear, but that sense you can’t outrun yourself is palpable’. The track came eventually came together in aptly chaotic fashion during late-night recording takes; ‘We turned out all the lights in the studio and it got weird. I sang and screamed until I went hoarse, and it felt like an exorcism of panic’. Elsewhere on Music For Outcasts, Loss-Eaton turns the microscope on his own scars with a similarly unflinching candour. ‘Freckle Blues’ (written whilst New York was holed up during Hurricane Irene) equates the elapse of time since a relationship’s demise with his own date tally of sobriety, and ‘Maps of The West’ traces an ill-advised foray into dating whilst in the early stages of abstinence. ‘They recommend against this, and I soon saw why’ recalls Nick; ‘I fell hard for her. Should have known it wouldn’t work out when she took me to a bar. She drank whiskey. I drank seltzer.’ That said, the song nonetheless taps the fledging stability that his recovery brought to proceedings; ‘I found a measure of hope in being sober that wasn’t there in my life or my writing before’. And yet beyond the more personal scorched earth the record rakes over, there is a wider resonance within the world of misfits and missed connections that Music For Outcasts inhabits. Fittingly for one who snatches fragments of lyric ideas from overheard conversations & glimpses into the lives of others, the characters and vignettes which Loss-Eaton summons here are so vivid as to become almost tangible. ‘Stripper From Bensonhurst’ mines far beyond the attendant stereotypes to chart the push/pull between a grim domestic semblance of normality far more intolerable to this woman than her nocturnal ‘other life’, whilst the taut, Spoon-esque snap and swivel of ‘Radiator Sabotage’ paints a world of burnt-out glamour as palpable as any of Lou Reed’s succinct dispatches. Even the track titles themselves – ‘Studebaker’, ‘Wallace ID’ – function almost like projector slides, brief flashes of narrative which demand conjecture. Two studio EPs, a vinyl/digital 7” single, three music videos, and national US touring have already earned Leland Sundries praise from Pop Matters, New Yorker, Magnet, American Songwriter, Village Voice, Time Out NY, Baeble Music, No Depression, Blurt, and Boston Phoenix. The band has performed at Campout Fest (Joshua Tree, CA); taped a Daytrotter session; and shared stages with Spirit Family Reunion, Todd Snider, Marah, Eef Barzelay (leader of Clem Snide), Taylor Hollingsworth (of Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band) and Cracker.


Lilamayi's brand of intuitive folk is at once whimsical and profound... sometimes reminiscent of European or Japanese folk melodies, Sufi poetry, or French retro pop.


Limousine is a project by Richard Mather of the Ton-Ups. His slashing rockabilly guitar riffs emanate throughout these songs in the spirit of classic rockers like the Clash, Iggy Pop and other proto-punk heroes.

Liquid Symphony

80's band that combines numerous artistic influences to create a unique atmosphere. They Interweave textural landscapes and universal grooves to manifest inspiring art pop.

Lost Leaders

When we left off the first Lost Leaders record was just released. This was in 2014 before the country went mad. That record did things for us. Our song “I’m Gonna Win” was on radio stations around the country and on several year-end top song lists. We played many an on-air concert singing into foam cylinders suspended on desk-lamp arms under florescent lights. It got us into some great publications like Relix, No Depression and The Huffington Post and on A-sides with John Chattman so we got our origin story down pat. And we’re sticking to it. Most importantly it got us in front of thousands of people including a sold out show at The Capitol Theatre. It consumed tires and gasoline and Spotify playlists. It also got us looking forward. And got us writing. Much about this new E.P. mirrors the creation of the previous release. We have a thing for barns that are like churches. Where the first record was recorded largely at Levon Helm’s barn which feels like a church, this set of songs was recorded in a barn built out of an actual church, taken apart and reassembled, cathedral ceiling, stained glass and all. Here in the Hudson Valley we holed up and worked on six new songs with a great crew of new players. Byron brought in some beautiful finger picked guitar songs with great harmonies and I brought in more cynical yet optimistic rockers. Some of the original contributors came back. Jared Samuel (G.O.A.S.T.T) contributed some synth weirdness on April Snow and Clark Gayton (E. Street Band horn section) gave us an awesome trombone choir on Gienevieve. This time around the songs are from a more immediate place. We didn’t have as much time to write them. So they are drawn more sharply. They are brighter, more concise and hit a little harder. Lost Leaders grew from a collaboration that has lasted through years of weirdness and magic. It has lasted through Byron’s time in Ollabelle and their time on Columbia records touring with Ryan Adams, Diana Krall and others. It lasted through my time in Lava Baby and our strange NYC power-pop journey with a record label whose president was convicted of money laundering. For all we know he is still in prison. It lasted through years of touring with bands and artists from all the dark corners. The partnership became Lost Leaders during Byron’s tenure in The Levon Helm Band and is now continuing through his time playing with The Lumineers on their current record and tour. Lost Leaders continues to stay off the boards and push its way onward. It continues to make much from little. But despite the self generating energy that propels us ever forward we’re calling this new E.P. “Heavy Lifting”. That’s just how it is.

Lost Tricks

Piano-driving-power-electro-vintage-pop-rock-to-make-ya-drop. The Lost Tricks are a vehicle for Oregon-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Trev Oswalt, whose piano-driven pop tunes nod to the Fray and Ben Folds.


Heavy metal - scathing, pulsing, louder than hell, M-16's music is at times bombastic yet poetic in nature. Unapologetic lyrics sung in Spanish, scream tales of mortal disillusion, political terror, and the chaos of modern times. A band that believes in substance over style, M-16 is all the angst and frustration of real people channeled through guitars, drums and bass.

Manuel Engel

Manuel Engel is a composer, arranger, educator, producer, pianist and recipient of a Chrysler Jazz Award / Billboard World Song Contest Winner / Excellence in Songwriting Award / IndieSuisse Album of the Year Award.

Mappa Mundi

Mappa Mundi is an experimental band rooted in rock, folk, pop and chamber music.

Maps For Sleep

Sonic landscapes over trip-hop rhythms. 

Mark Bacino

As a life-long fan of that three minute, musical confection known as the pop song in all its forms, writer/producer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist Mark Bacino is equally at home crafting stylized indie pop as well as “commercial” contemporary cuts; his unbiased, unconditional love of the hook and ultra-succinct song-craft bridging the gap between the two sometimes disparate styles. With three album releases to his credit as an artist ("pop job"/ "the million dollar milkshake"/ "queens english") and countless hours logged on both sides of the glass, Mark continues to solidify his reputation as an artist’s producer; truly knowing how it feels to be an artist because he is one. In addition to creating music as artist and producer, Mark also continues to compose for TV/Film, having written for independent features, commercial advertising campaigns and television programs alike. “And when not making music, Bacino can be found writing about it. As a freelance music journalist, Mark is an ongoing contributor to both Guitar World and Songwriter’s Market.”

Matt Zimbelmann

Matt Zimbelmann is a Brooklyn, NY-based musician: multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, front man, side man, and producer.

Melissa Bayern

Actress Melissa Bayern brings intimate retro-tinged folk pop songwriting and vocals along the lines of Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, and Amie Mann.

Michael Palmieri

Michael Palmieri is a noted composer of modern classical music with hundreds of original compositions to his credit. He is one of the most played contemporary classical composers in the world.

Moth Wranglers

Moth Wranglers (New York/San Francisco) is the bicoastal musical adventure formed in 1998 by Chris Xefos (King Missile) and LD Beghtol (Flare/The Magnetic Fields). The shapeshifting duo took their name from the credits for Jonathan Demme’s 1991 thriller Silence of the Lambs. Eschewing conventional instrumentation and production for relentless experimentation and avoiding diary-rock tropes for, variously, odes to serial killer Denis Nilsson, a meditation on loss inspired by food writer MFK Fisher, a tribute to seminal gay novel The Young and Evil, and broad interpretations of songs by the Carter Family, OMD and Crash, Moth Wranglers fearlessly staked out a unique sonic/textual claim for themselves. Pitchfork, in a review of the collective’s 2001 debut, Never Mind the Context, stated: “The world needs more ideas like Moth Wranglers: people who hold a wake instead of a funeral, who take drugs because the world doesn’t seem normal without them, and who scribble moustaches on Mona Lisas.” In their decade-long collaboration, the Beghtol and Xefos created a small but intense body of recordings, performed sporadically at music festivals and arts events, and crafted a cryptic body of graphic in support of their mysterious vision—most often working in separate studios in separate cities. Guest musicians including multi-instrumentalist/mentalist/author Daniel Handler, Victor Krummenacher and Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven), William Tutton (Geraldine Fibbers) Ken Stringfellow (The Posies/Big Star), Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonson (The Magnetic Fields/Future Bible Heroes), Dudley Klute (Kid Montana/The Magnetic Fields), Julia Kent, Doug Hilsinger, Allison Faith Levy and many other noted rock/pop musicians of an experimental bent figure prominently in MW’s willfully obscure oeuvre. After various singles and compilation tracks, one full-length album and an ersatz “best of” compilation that included unreleased tracks from the anti-band’s vault, MW ceased trading in 2010; the rest is silence.

Mother Feather

New York City. The lights go down, Mother Feather stride onto the stage. The bass frequency clarion call that kicks off "Mirror" charges its way through the packed room, a ripple of electricity riding off its back. Vocalist Ann Courtney steps to the microphone and purrs the first line: "I need your full attention…" And she's got it. What follows, every single time the quintet stand before an audience, is pure rock and roll catharsis, for Courtney, for her band mates, and for every individual crammed into the room. "I've worked for many years at a live music venue, and seen countless shows in that time, and too often find myself asking where is the dream of New York City in this?" she states. "Where is the magic? Where are the women who rock? Where is the danger? Where's the cool pop music? Where's the music that's not speaking down to its audience? Any time I see any kind of performance I want to have a catharsis, and that's what I'm hoping will happen when I step out on stage. That's why I started the band, to save me, and the fact that it's had this ripple effect and can do the same for other people is just gravy." The band's self-styled pop cock rock is the perfect vessel for this catharsis. Their songs marry the scratchy yet catchy, swaggering and dangerous sounds of The Stooges, New York Dolls or The MC5 with the playfulness, pop sensibilities and exuberance of the finest 90s alt-rock, a little upbeat 50s rock n' roll thrown in for good measure. Combined with Courtney's overtly optimistic, inspiring lyrics, the band deliver an energizing and irresistible concoction that captures the attitude and beating heart of New York City on its best day, empowering everyone in their path. "I'm so over the New York City-bashing by quintessential NY artists. Blah blah, move to Newark, move to Detroit, there's no edge left," Courtney sighs. "I spent seventeen years overseas dreaming about this city, I'm not going to move! I'm going to do something. I love this city, and hearing those artists talk miles of shit is actually very motivating, because I'm like alright, I'll show you something. This town ain't dead."


While reading a book called "The Spell of the Sensuous" by David Abrams, Daniel Blue came across a shamanic tradition that suggested that animals, plants, tools, and even stones have a kind of perception and they echo what they are offered. It was suggested that a life lived in poor relationship with the world around oneself was perhaps the cause of all the sickness, war and suffering in the world. Seeing the earth burning and taking this to heart, Blue decided to experiment with the theory and attempt to "have a relationship" with his (rather small) motorcycle. He called it "pony", spoke to it as if it were alive and tried his best to respect it as a living thing or at least as a part of life as a whole. Of that time he said, "It changed me forever riding my bike that way. It was undeniably more enjoyable to coax and caress the machine like a friend rather than take it for granted like a meaningless gathering of extruded metals, rubbers and gasses. For the first time, I began to see myself as part of the world and not just a user of it." The resulting joy and empowerment of that moment was infectious and thrilling to Blue, and he coined the term "Motopony" in celebration of the revelation. From then on he began to use the word Motopony to define any tool that he used respectfully with a relational intention of healing himself and the world. A dark night not long after, mourning an anniversary of the early death of his late mother Kathleen Antoinette, Daniel reached for a broken guitar he had purchased some years earlier and leaned into it with all of his soul. "I had a great need for that guitar to release me from the despair and doom that I was feeling. Somehow I believed that this guitar also needed me to strip it of its extra strings and tune it in triad to the timbre of my untrained voice. We had a conversation, and in my grief, we fell deeply into love." That night he sang a poem he had not yet written, "Hero's Lullaby" and came to call the guitar "Old Blue". From that moment on Daniel threw everything he had and everything he was into song and music. He closed his event space and warehouse, sold his burgeoning fashion design business, disavowed himself of nearly all possessions and began to couch surf so that all of his time could be devoted to learning the craft of music. Within a year Daniel had partnered with a local hip hop producer named Buddy Ross and an eponymous "glitch-folk" album was already finding itself on noncom airways all over the world. Motopony was born. The band immediately found home on the road with multiple US tours and dates all across the UK. An EP with a full-length followed owning its roots to the iconic Abbey Road studios. Jetting to Indian festivals and entertaining their international fan base, the band grew with their popularity. Wrapping up their third full-length release Daniel believes that he is perhaps just now hitting his stride as a musician, a businessman-by-proxy, and a leader of a band. "The system that surrounds music and the industry that we have created to sustain musicians and the people who work to support them; it is also a tool that can be used with intention. It's complicated, but I still believe that it's possible to be in a respectful, intentional healing relationship with the music industry. It is, after all, a thing we ourselves have created, and therefore a part of the whole that is life. It can be loved." Perhaps this is what he means when he sings "I still believe in the magic babe" in the upcoming song "a little death" "I will probably never stop looking for the magic that I found reaching into that broken guitar for help and for a friend. The effort, intention and desire were not wasted. Something...some third party came along and allowed it. To me this third party is Love and that is my God. This God and the recipient of my worship is that what allows relationships to produce this kind of fruitful beauty." What may seem foolish to some, that leap into “hope in love”, this is what Daniel sings of in the single off the upcoming record "when we were young" when he says, "we were dumb enough to try." Daniel took this idea of “playing dumb” and being willing to throw yourself in harms way for the sake of a dream to Timothy Graham. Together the two created the song, “When We Were Young,” which they felt was important both to them as career musicians and in regards to what they wanted to say to the world. “I remember texting my management team and saying something like "mark my words, game changer". Timothy gave me that awesome feeling that my strengths were matched well as a writer. It's a hard to thing to come by to be understood and joined by another musician, the result being greater than either of you could do alone.”On their third full-length "50 Katrinas" the new band echoes this seeker’s journey with long wistful interludes woven between sharp and neat trippyfolk inspired rock gems. Like living quartz crystals growing out of flowing canyon walls, catchy inspired and distinctively Pacific Northwest psyche-pop singles hide amidst the foliage of a free-spirited kaleidoscope of unhinged compositions. Biting lyrics mock the information age while admitting their home in it, and love and relationships are a carefully crafted theme. When asked about the environmentalist overtones and rather ominous title Blue says, "In a way this is my warning to the people of earth (or at least the people of USA) but many of these songs feel like I'm listening to them 150 years from now...like when people look back to this time and say, "what the fuck were they thinking letting everything go so long?" I want them to hear in this record that some of us weren't blindly following or distracted by what some idiot tweeted that morning. We called out. We resisted. We tried to turn things by loving the machine and not just using it. We raised our voices in dissent. I also see the sentiment behind “50 Katrinas” as adorably hopeful in two ways: my fantasy that people on the earth will be around in 150 years, and that our music will still be, you know....out there."

Of Earth

Of Earth plays droning, psychedelic grunge rock with feet in both the 70's and 90's. It is a multimedia communication utilizing compositions of sight and sound being performed simultaneously.

One Alternative

One alternative plays celtic chamber folk. They wanted their sound to be an alternative to other acoustic ensembles by using a unique instrument lineup and by exploring different musical styles. The members of ONE ALTERNATIVE are co-founders, Jill Haley on oboe/English horn and guitarist Mark Oppenlander. ONE ALTERNATIVE describes its sound as an acoustic fusion that blends the compositional form of classical music with the spontaneity of jazz and rock. The resulting mixture of these elements is an ever-changing, enjoyable listening experience.

Pale Horse and Rider

Pale Horse and Rider is a collaboration between Jon DeRosa and Marc Gartman. A departure from his experimental work with Aarktica, Pale Horse and Rider works under the model of classic, drunken, staggered country. Songs about Brooklyn. Songs about drinking. Songs about youth. Echoes of Iron & Wine, Will Oldham, Bright Eyes, and Red House Painters.

Pete Rubens

Pete Rubens' Sweet Talkin' is an impressive collection of finely-crafted original songs steeped in folk and country, with hints of old-time, bluegrass, ragtime and blues. The songs are both haunting and mesmerizing, dark and beautiful, lonesome and hopeful. They draw influence from the wellspring of American music styles and offer back a good measure of originality, while paying homage to traditions of folk music and old-fashioned storytelling. There are stories told by ghosts, and stories about ghosts; stories of soldiers, broken hearts and lost love; mountain passes and bus depots. The songs travel down dusty roads and abandoned train tracks, visiting the past and dreaming ahead, as Rubens tastefully croons each tale with a natural, understated delivery which keeps it close to home. The songs' inherent timelessness is well matched by the recording. With an old-school aesthetic, the album was recorded live on vintage analog equipment over four days in upstate New York, using no electronic or amplified instruments. It captures the subtle and tasteful performances of a band including Bret Billings, Larry Campbell, Jazer Giles, Byron Isaacs, Tony Leone and Steve Mayone, with backing vocals provided by Hope Debates, Amy Helm, and Kurt Ulrich. Sweet Talkin' was produced by Todd Adelman, recorded by Joshua Kessler, and mixed by Chad Hailey.


PH10 is an electronica jungle/drum n bass group currently based in Denver, Colorado that has been churning out records since the late 90's. Most notably, pH10 was honored as the First Place winner of Jive Magazine's International Songwriting Competition 2005 for the track "Tell Me Why" - a collaboration with hip hop vocalist Pete Miser. pH10's recording "Well Connected" has been called in a Jive Magazine review " the nastiest, noisiest, scariest, loudest and by far the heaviest..." pH10 was started by founding members Recone F. Helmut and Clark ov Saturn after they split from industrial rock band, LD-50. Their debut release, "Recone Helmut vs. Clark ov Saturn" was one of the Denver Westword's "20 best recordings to come out of Denver in 1998". Shortly thereafter, Helmut and Saturn signed with Mutant Sound System/ Trumystic Records, toured with Dr. Israel and the Trumystic Sound System throughout Europe, and then relocated to Brooklyn, NY.

Phat Beats from The Box

That's human beat box sucka! Kick it old school with some of New York City's hottest beat box talent. Featured is world-renown Kenny Muhammad, "The Human Orchestra." His vocal percussion needs no introduction. "Phat Beats From the Box" has a fresh, gritty organic vibe that's all its own.


With a platinum selling record on the Empire Records soundtrack, PLEASE blends psychedelic rock grooves and textures with classic pop rock and folk songs.

Proper Pop

Whether as a member of Mother Feather (Metal Blade Records), session and live bassist alongside acclaimed performers Stuart Mathewman (Sade, Twin Danger) and Jeff Taylor (Rockwood Music Hall Recordings), songwriter for such diverse acts as Ha Scritto and Casey Shea , or genre crossing producer to the likes of Misty Boyce (Sarah Bareilles band) and The Dig (Rollcall Records), Matt brings to each project a wealth of knowledge and passion.


Prophecy are heroes of the Baltimore music scene in the late 80's. They were produced by John Palumbo of the famed DC band Crack the Sky. Vibes of Night Ranger, Loverboy, 80's

Public Symphony

Public Symphony is a British electronica pop duo, composed of Dobs Vye and James Reynolds. They formed in Brick Lane, London, self-producing and self-releasing in 2006 their debut album, named after the band itself. The album was revised, remastered and republished in 2010, with the title Inspire. According to The Times their "lush, uplifting" music draws elements from Massive Attack, Coldplay and Pink Floyd.

Radio America

Driving New York City garage punk with a leftist political tenor a la The Clash and Sex Pistols. The band is also well known for being fairly secretive and notoriously eccentric. Contrary to some published interviews and general rumor, Reno and Stuart are not brothers, but rather lifelong friends. However, the two have never publicly refuted the assumption for reasons unstated.

Ron Gamache

Based in Boston, MA, Ron is a classical guitarist and composer whose work spans a wide variety of styles and genres including instrumental classical, electronica, folk, and underscore. He has written music for CBS Sunday Morning, Cinemax, ESPN, PBS, Oxygen, Lifetime, HGTV, numerous radio spots, videos and TV commercials.Ron is also a copywriter, and his credits include works for Verizon, British Airways, Gillette, Mobil Oil and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Sam Barron

Growing up on the streets of New York City dreaming of Planet Rock and playing hoops, Sam Barron pens songs about life, love and the human experience. With his latest release I Just Couldn’t Help Myself, Barron attributes his inspiration in many ways the result of a $40 guitar purchase made at a flea market. That guitar, a vintage Stella Harmony, has been twisting its way into Sam’s writing, giving him a new sound which he blends with some electronic elements from the streets of his youth. The title and cover art come from a not-so-discreet message left by artist Ben Baker for Sam on the bathroom wall of The Emerson Bar in Brooklyn. I Just Couldn’t Help Myself was recorded with Brain Speaker (Jeffrey Lewis, Crazy and the Brains). Barron began his professional career in Austin Texas, in the late 90’s when he and Lukey Luke of the Gorilla Biscuits, two self imposed exiles of New York City, got signed to an independent label called Kranzke Records. For five years the duo fronted the band Balance Baby and ultimately recorded an EP thanks to Kranzke. Barron then returned to NYC and went on to work with Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields, Soko, Jon Derosa) and released a solo album called Temporary Fantasy (2005). Following his album with Charles, Sam moved away from the acoustic guitar and got financing for an album with his friend and drummer Sammy Siegler, another stalwart of the NYC hardcore scene (Warzone, Judge, Rival Schools). Together they formed The Bearded Seals and recorded 11 tracks with Joel Hamilton (Tom Waits, Book of Knots) engineering and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) laying down the bass. That album (2007) called Lover in the Sea, remains one of his favorites. After The Bearded Seals project, Sam fell out of fronting bands and decided to play more solo shows. So he headed back to his roots as a songwriter, and began playing regularly again at NYC’s Sidewalk Café. Eventually he found his way to the studio of Ian Love (Rival Schools, Burn) where he recorded an album called Hex Moon, independently released in 2013. That album was well received in the East Village Anti Folk scene, and recently one of its songs, has been licensed by filmmaker Kyle Gallagher for his upcoming short about New York City homelessness.


Like a rising storm in a desert. Showering the plains with enigmatic energy, comes a new artist and songwriter..Sandflower A Brownsville Brooklyn baby at heart , bred with the beats of rock and roll and the high energy of pop pumping through her veins. Inspired by the freedom of Jimi Hendrix and her parents (mom - a rock singer/songwriter and dad - an artist with a brush) nothing makes her blood rush more than the true sounds of rebellion and freedom. As an only child, one can only imagine what music has given to her. She creates her own sonic realm filled with her brand of unique unlimited energy and now she's bringing that very universe to you! Sandflower is all about grabbing life with both hands. She is definetly not the kind of girl that plays by the rules. Hear her and you may just find yourself feeling a burst of energy rush through your body. Watching Sandflower perform is like ecstasy on long legs. Between her outrageous dress expression, attitude, delivery and energy you are guaranteed to never want to walk away the same. Sandflower is the definition of Power. Powers to make you feel you. The person you want to be. The person you wish you were. She will show how you to be free, to be strong, to be fun, just to be. It's all in her lyrics and delivery. Sandflower Power is something you never had but you wanted it bad. Sandflower Power is something you see but you can never touch it. Sandflower Power is something you heard but you never knew to listen. It's never to late. What's your power?

Scott Conners

Cutting his teeth on the streets of NYC through the 80's and 90's Scott Conner's retro-pop influences range from Elton John and Debbie Harry to Elvis Costello and George Michael. Vibes of The Cars, Bobby Brown, Bryan Adams.

Scott Hinkson

Scott Hinkson’s striking voice and unabashedly intelligent songwriting ignites, giving voice to stormy lyrics and haunting leads. Incorporating brilliant harmonies, seductive hooks and multilayered instrumentation, he brings something entirely his own to the modern alt genre. Bending rock and pop sensibilities, Hinkson’s craft is elemental and yet refined. Thorough production provides depth to his work and yet his music still translates well to live performance. Skilled and polished, Hinkson’s stage presence pins you to the present. His clarion voice echoes through that sacred space between the soul and spine, holding you captive to the moment. Scott Hinkson is, “everything you could want from an indie-rocker: it’s well-produced, the melodies are catchy and the songs come from a place of inner darkness “(The Uniter).

Scott McClatchy

McClatchy takes the classic roots rock of forefathers like Credence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones and early Rod Stewart and couples them with the energy of a runaway steam engine. But it’s mainly McClatchy’s own style that makes the deepest impression. There is a definite rock and roll heart inside Scott McClatchy, but he tempers it with enough honky tonk to please both the country and the rock audiences. (Country Standard Time)

Scotts Roger

You'll laugh, you'll cry, get angry with the government, but love America, and be jealous of Crack Ho's. No two songs on this record are alike; Modern Folk star Scotts Roger clearly has A.D.D.; he doesn't know how he feels, but says what he means, and never holds back.

Seldom Family

Channeling echoes of the nostalgic 50’s and the angular emptiness of 80’s post-punk, Pennsylvania’s Seldom Family conjure up sparse landscapes of sound.


SHIM, a Seattle-based band comprised of brothers and boys from the block, takes its rock and roll seriously. With their elaborate live performances complete with huge lights, smoke and sing-along riffery, SHIM manages to make any sized show feel like it's in an arena. If passive, anemic rock was the disease, SHIM would be the B-12 shot. They inject their unique cocktail of musical punches and kicks into 70s-influenced, testosterone-ridden, goddamn rock and roll.


SHoPyN - The thinking man’s pimp, new-school lyrical mastermind – classically trained in old-school soul. Veteran of the game, unsung hero of Flatbush, Brooklyn. I.WYNN – The beat architect. Visionary west-coast producer transplanted to Flatbush with a vast and mysterious musical pedigree. Two prolific minds from different sides of the tracks became good friends. They combined their unique musical backgrounds to form a volatile, infectious, modern Hip-Hop sound with its feet firmly planted in the timeless. Soul’d out Sho is here.

Shyan Selah

Shyan Selah is a Kentucky-born/Seattle-raised Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Genre Music Artist with over 15 years of producing, recording and performing Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Soul, Blues, and Jazz music in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. His taste and range in music began in early childhood with the help of his two older brothers, a soul and gospel songstress for a mother, and record collector for a father. Shyan was influenced by a wide variety of legendary artists including Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Prince, Sting, LL Cool J, and James Brown. As such, his music style reflects the roots of his upbringing and the essence of these legends while authentically standing on its own.

Soft News

The self effacing title of Soft News’ debut album, Used Melodies, belies its true nature as an innovative cover album of reimagined 80s pop songs. Each song, from Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself,” to “Love Touch” by Rod Stewart is completely stripped of the decade’s trademark glitter and bombast. In contrast, the sound that pervades Used Melodies is intimate, exposed, and soothing. From the first track to the last, Erik Laroi (the man behind Soft News) inspires trust in the listener. His pitch perfect production, crooning voice, and nuanced arrangements deliver the sense that you’re listening to indie renditions of the Great American Songbook. The collection of songs that Soft News covers on Used Melodies weren’t so much diamonds in the rough as diamonds covered in rhinestones, glitter, and neon-colored feathers. Laroi tenderly stripped them of their shimmer and glue to reveal the true gems sparkling beneath. Used Melodies was a passion project. Over the past four years, he’s been recording covers in his home studio, selecting songs as the inspiration strikes. He was grocery shopping when “Separate Ways” by Journey came on over the sound system. Laroi couldn’t shake the melancholic alternate version that was cycling through his head and so he recorded it. He did this with approximately 30 songs from the 80s and early 90s (there are two exceptions: a gorgeous version of Big Star’s 1975 classic “Holocaust” and a complete re-interpretation of Pulseprogramming’s 2003 IDM-inspired track “Blooms Eventually”). Laroi enlisted Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, Jon DeRosa) to mix them. Laroi had no commercial intent for the project but while mixing, Newman heard an album in the works. Laroi and Newman picked their twelve favorite covers and Used Melodies was born. It will be released on Newman’s label, Mother West, in fall 2014. If you hear a hint of Kings of Convenience in Laroi’s rich, clear vocals, it may be because they are his Norwegian countrymen. Originally from Norway, Erik Laroi spent much of his childhood in Detroit and London. This is where he soaked up 80s pop culture, making weekly trips to the record store with his older brother to pick up the latest album by New Wave cult bands like New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and The Smiths. As he got older, Laroi’s tastes broadened, discovering bands like Red House Painters and Low, as well as singer-songwriters like Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell. This wandering path of musical exploration led him to create Used Melodies, an album that takes a decidedly grown-up approach to childhood nostalgia – resurrecting it to fit the present. Used Melodies by Soft News was recorded and produced by Erik Laroi in his home studio in New York. The album was mixed by Charles Newman and Ray Ketchem (Elk City, The Mendoza Line). The tracks feature backing vocals by Lorraine Lelis (Mahogany, Aarktica) and Margaret White (Sparklehorse) and string arrangements by Perry Serpa (TV On The Radio, The Sharp Things) and Jean Cook (Ida, Mountain Ocean Sun).


Soundpool is a New York City-based five-piece shoegaze band, led by singer Kim Field and guitarist John Ceparano. Their music is noted for its unusual blend of shoegaze and disco. They describe themselves as Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Dream Pop, and Discogaze.

Speed Dial

Lead by Czech-born/NYC-based singer/songwriter Peter Sabla, Speed Dial moves from plaintive pop to driving psychedelic rock and gentle ballads.

Steven Seidenman

Steven Seidenman has released two CDs, "Prelude Impromptu: Guitar Gems from Bach to Berkeley" and "Guitar Recital," and has a third one in the works.


Wearing a mix of influences from soul and 70's concert rock to indie pop and psychedelia, Supercel stitches it together and weaves a tapestry all their own. Led by songwriter/guitarist and lead vocalist Paul Casanova whose credits range from the platinum selling Empire Records Soundtrack to live appearances with legends like Gloria Gaynor, and recording for artists such as Seattle's Black Ocean Temple, Finland's Peppina and Vermont's Kris Gruen, the band is made up of Sean Gaffney on keys and vocals, Jackson Tarricone on bass, Anthony Sabino on drums and guitarist Tom Stoerger. With their recent song "High Water" released as part of the soundtrack and film "Monday" for Robert Rodriguez's "Rebel Without a Crew" TV show, the band is currently in the studio finishing up their debut album to be released in September 2018 on Brooklyn's Mother West label.

Tentative Plans

Tentative Plans is an indie duo from the northeast USA, with vocalist/keyboardist Cait Kellagher & multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Chris Caulder.

The Bearded Seals

Sam Barron's side project The Bearded Seals is an Experimental Pop Rock project based in Brooklyn, NY. Will intrigue fans of The Flaming Lips and They Might Be Giants.

The Bones of J.R. Jones

The Bones of J.R. Jones bubbles with barroom dust and hard-won wisdom, showcasing an expansive musical vision stripped of the excess. “I’m a little clearer on the message that I’m trying to put out into the world,” says Jones' autuer Jonathon Linaberry, who has effectively blurred the line between his own life and The Bones of J.R. Jones character; he draws evermore from his personal life on his songs, most notably the tender, banjo-plucked “Wedding Song” written day’s before his own nuptials. Linaberry remains a disciple of early 20th-century blues and folk artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Lightnin’ Hopkins, both of whom the singer discovered in his teenage years. Still, he readily admits more contemporary influences are beginning to creep into his musical oeuvre. “I like to think I’m casting a wider net,” Linaberry says, citing opening Spirit’s Furnace track “13 Kinds” and “I’m Your Broken Dog” as “major departures” for him, what with their heavy folk influences and electric guitar as opposed to his earlier more traditional blues numbers. “I definitely still listen to the folk and blues stuff, but I really try to make a conscious effort to listen to music outside that box — whether it be bands like Sylvan Esso or more pop-influenced stuff,” he adds. “Sometimes you have to find out what the kids are listening to!”

The Bowmans

The Bowmans is comprised of sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman, an Indie Americana duo from the Eastern Iowa Mississippi flood plain, now migrating globally via New York. Their music originated over the years making up songs together during play while overhearing their parents' 60s folk and classical records. Dynamic, hopeful, imaginative, joyful, heart wrenching, and nostalgic -- yet with continuity.

The Come On

The Come On is the brainchild of songwriter Sam Barron and producer Brian Speaker (Jeffrey Lewis, The Fem Doms); an irreverent new wave rock concoction of overdriven Telecaster, vocal harmonies and sparse synth strokes. Their sound merges The Modern Lovers garage rock with a Devo geometry, and honors above all the spirit of T. Rex. In fact, it was after emerging from a T. Rex-induced coma, Sam began to write a new set of songs for the band he and Speaker had envisioned. In the fall of 2016 with drummer Lou Cozza (Darkwing, Looms) and singer/keyboardist Mimi Oz, Sam took the material on the road and after feeling the updraft of the response to the songs, Speaker recorded The Come On live off the floor at his SpeakerSonic Studios right after they returned to Brooklyn. Additional production was added by Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields, Motopony)

The Concentrics

Infectious, visceral Rock'n'Roll combining classic 60's and 70's influences with current Indie-rock sounds.

The Davenports

Brooklyn’s Scott Klass makes music that’s “steeped in pop/rock—Ben Folds meets Weezer …leading you to sing along to songs you’re hearing for the first time while stories unfold of relationships gone awry….” (The Deli). He puts it out with a rotating cast of great musicians and calls it The Davenports. Well-known for “Five Steps,” the theme song to A&E’s Emmy-nominated Intervention, Klass has put out three critically acclaimed records—Speaking of The Davenports, Hi-tech Lowlife and Why the Great Gallop. His songs set tales of love and lust, mean money-dangling mothers, superstitious panic attacks and other esoterica to quirky, melodic rock that is equal parts guitar barrage and string-laden piano ballad. Klass is currently gearing up to release his 2018 full-length Don’t Be Mad at Me. Klass is also a member of Look Park, the new project from Fountains of Wayne frontman Chris Collingwood which also includes Philip Price of Winterpills. Last year, the trio played Japan’s Fuji Rock festival and opened for Britpop legends Squeeze on their west coast tour.

The Domestics

Infectious garagey pop punk with ska undertones...If Debbie Harry shoved her way onstage during a Green Day show, the sound would closely resemble The Domestics. Retaining their punk edge, this female-fronted trio from Brooklyn churns out carefully crafted power pop songs.

The God Bombs

Brooklyn based Industrial punks The God Bombs are poised for an explosive debut year. The trio will celebrate the release of their 5 song EP 'Hex' with a North American tour opening for Ministry and Chelsea Wolfe, two of the largest acts in modern goth metal. On 'Hex' frontman Justin Symbol, guitar/keyboardist Jabbath Roa and percussionist Edrick Subervi have forged a bold new sound, channeling equal parts abrasive hip hop (Death Grips, Ho99o9) and 90s dark alternative (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy), with an immediate and urgent DIY New York mentality. With their energetic and heartfelt live performances, The God Bombs provide an honest and critical look at a world of excess, distortion, consumption, and confusion.

The Hipsychords

Brilliant, lounge-a-go-go '50's futuristic breaths of fresh air; a testament to life going on, embracing hope instead of despair. John Ceparano and Kim Field from Soundpool animate this Electro, Psychedelic, Shoegaze band in the vein of Helio Sequence.

The Icicle Sound

The Icicle Sound is Jennifer McGrath and Chris Caulder (also of Beauty's Confusion, Seldom Family, and Tentative Plans). The duo is a longtime recording project, influenced by a myriad of bands such as Kyte, The Beatles, Film Noir, The Cure, Coldplay, and folk/singer-songwriter music. The Icicle Sound hopes their sincere music and lyrics touch the hearts of anyone who gives a moment to list

The Kick Drum People

The Kick Drum People are an anonymous UK Urban-Electro duo living in Bushwick, NYC. An ideal evening for The KDP is lurking the streets of Brooklyn in search of that one, perfect, post-industrial musical inspiration… but never to find it. The probability of a live DJ/laptop performance ranges from ‘highly unlikely’ to ‘never’: it’s your job to coax them out of hiding. They’re dark, gritty, bumping & cinematic… and, to their preference, below your radar.

The Kickbacks

The Kickbacks play tender, introspective melodic alt country with echoes of Jens Lekman.

The Old Nationals

Hailing from New York City, The Old Nationals have been performing their original roots rock and roll music throughout the Northeast since 1999.

The Problems

Listen to The Problems and feel a rich and engaging blend of roots rock, pop, country, alternative, and even a splash of punk. That's the way lead singer and songwriter Frank Caiafa likes it. "We hate being pigeonholed into one category," Caiafa explains. "Because of this band's ability to play whatever the songs demand, the songs take on a life of their own."

The Ritualists

The Ritualists is NYC-based dark psychedelia. Fronted by lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, Christian Dryden, the group's fusion of classic glam rock, post punk and modern Brit-pop has raised more than a few eyebrows, earning them comparisons to legends such as David Bowie, Echo and The Bunnymen and The Verve, and the praise of Sex Pistols founder, Glen Matlock. The Ritualists' live show combines aspects of traditional rawk theatricality and classical surrealism. They have awed audiences up and down the east coast, from The Highline Ballroom, NYC to The Masquerade in Atlanta. They were recently one of only 25 other artists chosen to participate in the All About Music festival in Nashville, TN. They have played alongside notable artists such as Lady GaGa, The Fiery Furnaces, Earl Slick, and Love & Rockets. They have performed live for 107.7 WACC in Connecticut and 90.3FM WMSC Radio in Montclair, NJ. The Ritualists are also featured regularly on 107.1 FM, "The Peak" and 93.30 FM in Argentina.

The Stargazer Lilies

Kim Field, John Cep, and Tammy Hirata are The Stargazer Lilies. Through their musical history as a duo dream pop/shoegaze/psychedlic song writing team (John & Kim), they have released 3 albums as the band Soundpool and are about to release their second album as The Stargazer Lilies. Their debut release as The Stargazer Lilies 'We Are The Dreamers' was released on Graveface Records in late 2013. Their second release 'Door To The Sun' is due out on Graveface Records Spring 2016. The duo has shared the stage with the likes of: Chapterhouse, Ulrich Schnauss, A Place To Bury Strangers, Asobi Seksu, School Of Seven Bells, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco and Robin Guthrie to name a few. Their 2015 Spring tour has them paired with Tobacco, Andy Rourke (The Smiths), Airiel, Fever The Ghost, New Fumes, Night School and more. Their second release “Door To The Sun” is due out on Graveface Records Summer 2015.

The Starvation Army Band

The Starvation Army Band was founded in 1989 as an offshoot of the Columbia Concert Band specializing in Dixieland jazz. Since then, the Band has broadened its repertoire to include Klezmer and Swing as well as Dixieland.

The Ton Ups

Regarded by many as the original Williamsburg Band. Hey, somebody had to be. The Ton Ups still live and roam the streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn. The Ton Ups play driving garage rock.

The Unsacred Hearts

Your favorite experimental bar band since 2003. The Unsacred Hearts draw from a wide range of influences: formative punk rock, outlaw country, warped '60s blues, Dylan rhymes and gutbucket soul to name a few. These and other musical strands are apparent in Unsacred Hearts music but never supplant the band's own original noise.

The Vainglories

The Vainglories is the solo project of Gillian Lever, and is responsible for producing the soundtrack to her introspective moods. Melancholic melody intertwines with textured strangeness to create lullabies for the nightmare-prone.

The War Elephant

The alternative electronic brainchild of Charles Balderston, The War Elephant is the musical expression of a synth freak with mixed emotions. Echoes of The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, David Bowie, Forrest for the Trees, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, you.

The Wind Up Dolls

Who says that love and work should never mix? The Wind Up Dolls is a rock n roll country labour of love forged by the romantic and musical partnership of Marty and Rachel Smith of Lockyer Valley, Australia. The band combines Smith's captivating vocal talent with the intoxicating talent of Marty's drumming... one of the most exciting bands to hit Australian stages and airwaves in recent years.

The Wreckids

The Wreckids (formerly Scotts Roger) is a husband and wife acoustic duo currently living in Pittsburgh. Their music can be described as easy going folk, but is also lively and contemporary. Most songs feature Scott playing the acoustic guitar and singing, while Sarah sings and plays viola and a host of other instruments. You'll hear comical, thoughtful lyrics paired with beautiful, lilting harmonies. A strange combination to be sure, but the real art here is managing this brittle juxtaposition. Anyone who's attended a live show can tell you they're as much about what happens between the songs as the tunes themselves. Scott and Sarah enjoy telling corny jokes and playfully ribbing each other Sonny and Cher style. Time will fly as you're having fun at The Wreckids show.

Timothy Robert Graham

“Working as a songwriter has been a constant state of growth for the past ten years,” says Graham. “My grandfather taught me that learning to become a songwriter is a lifelong journey.” SPEAK is the next step in Graham’s journey. Although he completed the album two years ago, he’s postponed its release; and will finally present it to the public on May 5th. Why the long wait? A little over a year ago, Graham started touring and co-writing with Daniel Blue and his band, Motopony. "It's a privilege to be flown to festivals and be paid to perform with my friends in Motopony,” says Graham. “It’s helped me hone my craft and learn a bit of patience with regards to my own work.” All that focus and patience is evident in the new eleven-track LP. At first blush, the album sounds like a collection of singles: Three-minute songs with melodies crafted to lodge themselves into the listener’s brain upon first play. The tracks weave fun, bright guitar hooks into pop melodies with lean efficiency. SPEAK draws a clear line back to Britpop-flavored bands like Elliott Smith and Oasis, and modern tastemakers like Spoon and Portugal. The Man.

Tom Curiano

NYC based producer, composer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist.

Tom Shaner

Tom Shaner writes and plays what he dubs "ghost songs, songs, waltzes, and rock and roll." From rockers to ballads, the songs can be somber or humorous, story songs, or new cinematic folk tunes.

Tremulous Monk

This is the story of Chris Wilkinson's journey since 2000 after returning from a summer spent sitting on a Massachusett's porch, drinking Magic Hat, swatting flies and writing songs. Back in hometown York, UK he began recording the results using his acoustic guitar, a drum kit he bought when he was 15 and his mum's out of tune piano. The result was the beautifully sublime Transparent Folk EP, which he flogged around local gigs to get some money to record the follow up The Sunshine Seat EP. Echoes of The Frail, Badly Drawn Boy, Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3, Mark Mulcahy, Nick Drake, Sparklehorse, John Lennon


Twirl is an edgy blend of Alternative/Modern Rock & Pop Punk. Twirl are rockers who write songs that are a bit punky and snarky with pop sensibilities twisted and mingled throughout that spit out catchy tunes.

Ugar Dogan

Ugur Dogan is fascinated by the undiscovered textural potential electronic instruments allow in his compositions. The process of composing is directly connected to the discovery of sonic events through experimentation and improvisation. Ugur Dogan’s music is meant to create an atmosphere that encourages introspection and meditation. It is music allowing the focused listener the depth for sonic exploration. Ugur Dogan’s creativity has began his musical adventures from the childhood and performed later many years as DJ in clubs and radios. Developing in producing and finding his own vibrations has always been his primary goal. He began in the early '90 with his software explorations. His road flowed to the vinyl and developed in music as a DJ in the Netherlands and Turkey. He played in many different clubs like 2019, Twenty across Turkey. In 1997 he was one of the first DJ's to play experimental in Turkey on radio 2019. Labels like Basic Channel, Chain Reaction to Philip Glass and Steve Reich was the first meeting of Turkey with experimental. From 1999 till now he developed himself to become all-round Producer. His first album Gam-I Âzâd is his first test to know how far he is on his road.


"Vajra marries the sound of eastern India with the abrasive, melodic infrastructure of progressive rock. Since playing their first show in 2011, Vajra has been captivating the NYC music scene with their eyebrow raising theatrical antics and uncanny sound. [Their] live show is like a cathartic punch in the face." -Greg Mania, Creem Magazine

Vanessa Villalovos

Singer/Songwriter playing infectious Acoustic Pop/Country in the vein of Jewel, Norah Jones, and Sheryl Crow.

Verona Grove

Verona Grove is an American pop punk band from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Everyone has dreams. It’s these dreams that fuel us, that keep us moving through the daily moments of monotony and remind us that extraordinary things are possible. Verona Grove’s strikingly memorable debut album, The Story Thought Over, does more than just remind us that the fulfillment of our dreams is possible- it inspires us to achieve them. Almost Hollywood-esque in the story of its fruition, The Story Thought Over is the result of nearly a year of songwriting, eventually streamlined and focused in August of 2006 when the trio’s label, who found and wooed them earlier that year, transplanted them from Oshkosh, WI to Los Angeles, where they set them up in an apartment and practice space to pen the record. The experience of that relocation lifted the musicians, who had never set foot in LA prior to the trip, outside of their comfort zones and, as Anders says, “opened [their] eyes to the rest of the world and what’s out there.” “Really getting away from everything in our element in Wisconsin and getting out of the normal heavily influenced our writing on the record,” Anders says of the process. “A lot of the songs are about a dream. Everyone’s got an idea of where they want to be someday and what they want to do. For me it was happening. We got this record deal, now we were in LA and I never could have dreamed that, but here it is. I think that’s what a lot of the writing focused on.”

Victor Simonelli

Victor Simonelli's name is synonymous with the cutting edge of the Dance Music scene. Simonelli is one of the New York’s finest and most prolific DJ's. He was also one of the early pioneers of the unique NYC underground dance music movement that has now become a phenomenon it its own right and religiously followed by the clubbing faithful the world over. A producer/re-mixer, song writer, record label owner, and highly sought after DJ, are just four facets of this multi-talented young man. His discography of production, writing. mixing and editing credits reads like a "Who's Who!"

Vida Mala

Vida Mala is a project of Michael Hanf, also known for Big Ocean, Detective Logan and San Fermin. Vida Mala is bossa nova refracting through a shattered mirror that’s also reflecting mid 2000’s indie rock and Tom Waits. Complex percussion provides the back drop to crunchy, monophonic guitar riffs that lead to vibraphone solos - at least in some of the tracks. Others recall the breezy, jazzy guitar chords and soft love-lorn lyrics of bossa nova classics, while retaining the gritty NYC rock vibe. All the sounds are tied together with feral vocals and a spacious, full sound. Vida Mala was recorded in 2017 in Brooklyn, NY.

Vidi Vitties

This Indie Pop 4-piece from Austin continue to hold high that city's reputation for uncompromising and indefinable Rock. Echoes of Fun, Le Tigre, The Velvet Underground, and Nico.

Vinny Alfano

Musician/Producer from Long Island New York, Vinny Alfano has worked with various independent artists from all over the world, as well as produced music for TV and many independent films. He began dabbling in the studio at age fourteen as he worked for opportunities to learn from other producers. Now walking tall at age 20, he owns and operates his own studio, A-Beach Studios, out of Atlantic Beach New York.

Young Mister

Young Mister is songwriter Steven Fiore, sometimes accompanied by a band of talented musicians across the southeast United States. As a songwriter, Fiore has spent many years building a fan base along both coasts, touring with Jay Clifford (Jump Little Children), Slow Runner, and even regularly performing as a guest vocalist in Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band in Los Angeles. After spending 6 years writing with Universal Music Publishing Group, Fiore is now shedding his skin and stretching into new musical territory as Young Mister with this self-titled, debut album. Taking influence from classic rock bands like Electric Light Orchestra, Young Mister worked with producer Wolfgang Zimmerman (Brave Baby, The High Divers) to create an album that embodies the ethos of Americana while retaining the distinct, soulful sound that Fiore’s fans know and love. The album ebbs and flows from big band arrangements, such as the brass-filled “The Best Part”, to the catchy and psychedelic “Anybody Out There”, before closing on “Pasadena”, a song whose lyrics take influence from Fiore’s own past as an artist torn between two coasts. The arrangements invoke a deep sense of nostalgia as they are carefully paired with vivid and relatable lyrics that truly resonate with the listener.