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The Condor and The Eagle

We're very excited to have contributed to this incredibly important film that's premiering on September 13th as the closing film at the San Francisco Green Film Festival. The score was composed by Charles Newman and includes contributions by an array of our artists and musicians including: Paul Casanova of Supercel, Kris Gruen, Charlie Rauh, Michael Demsyn-Hanf of Vida Mala, Chad Hollister, David Sisko, Sandflower, Daniel Blue, Rob Cass, motopony, Chris Hills and Jay Bump at Coates Music Studios.

This week in Oldenburg

Congrats to our friend Melissa B. Miller-Costanzo for this week's international premiere of her film "All These Small Moments". Featuring music by Slow Runner, Aloud, Jaymay Kris Gruen, Echo Courts, Tom Shaner and more.. plus an amazing score by Dan Liptonand music supervision by Charles Newman.

Jane Machine joins the fam!

We're excited to announce the adition of Los Angeles based electro indie "noir" rockers Jane Machine. Lead by writer, producer, singer and keyboardist Erica Von Trapp, Jane Machine brings a sound inspired by Scandinavian electro, indie rock and ambient trip hop. "Von Trapp’s voice is strong, delivering almost hyper-feminine breathiness redolent with an exotic tang radiating on waves of sonic color." -HuffPost

Kris Gruen announces Summer Tour

With venues and radio shows around the country Kris heads out to share news songs from his upcoming release Coast & Refuge.

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Album: Gothenburg
Mood: Determined, Driving, Hopeful
Description: File with: Wilco, Ryan Adams, John Lennon, Neil Young
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Album: Back Seat Driver
Genre: Electro Indie Rock
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Album: Coast and Refuge
Mood: Driving, Positive, Powerful
Description: File With: Andrew Bird, The Arcade Fire, Iron and Wine and The Decemberists
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ANML BHVR is the Hip-Hop/Psych-Rock juggernaut of blood brothers Dr. Lex “LP” Plow aka AxeMan on Electric Guitars and Hype, and The Reverend I.W¥N aka GorillaGod on Synths/Drum Machine and Raps. After years of dangerous research and development, the AB devised a method of sound design and neurolinguistic programming capable of stimulating the same synaptic pathways as heavy stimulant and psychedelic deliriants. They will destroy you. And you will see the light.

Kris Gruen

Kris Gruen writes songs about grown up life infused with a mystic wonder, softening the world’s sharp edges like a glass of exceptionally fine bourbon. Kris grew up steeped in classic records. His Americana influenced new folk is grounded in the tradition of great narrative songwriters like Cat Stevens and Paul Simon and yet Kris’s voice is strikingly current. A New York City native who’s put down roots in Vermont, Kris effortlessly blends sagacious wit and emotional depth. Americana UK writes "There is the sense of theatre that artists such as Sufjan Stevens achieve, and Gruen's music certainly stands alongside such artists comfortably…truly a thing of beauty.” While often garnering comparisons to contemporaries like The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, and Andrew Bird, Exclaim! Canada’s Music Authority aptly notes, “Kris Gruen is no mere imitator. He possesses a sound all his own.”

Aluminum Babe

"Aluminum Babe elude simple comparison. They yank the bittersweet guitar song violently into funky disco terrain and then gently lick it with a creamy female falsetto. Driving dance-punk energies, making for a fascinating sonic journey that is highly recommended." - Amy McGill Rock Sound.

Cottage Sounds Unlimited

Born in Los Feliz and residing in Brooklyn, Cottage Sounds brings together a widening group of friends and collaborators to this continually growing collection of music and songs.


Brooklyn Based Acoustic Folk, rock and blues band with catchy rustic dream ballads.

Jon DeRosa

Influenced by vocal standards of the 1940's, teenage jukebox anthems of the 50's, and the mod and girl-group sounds of the 60's, DeRosa combines them all to create a cocktail of song-driven atmospheric chamber pop. __________________________________

Soft News

The self effacing title of Soft News’ debut album, Used Melodies, belies its true nature as an innovative cover album of reimagined 80s pop songs. Each song, from Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself,” to “Love Touch” by Rod Stewart is completely stripped of the decade’s trademark glitter and bombast. In contrast, the sound that pervades Used Melodies is intimate, exposed, and soothing. From the first track to the last, Erik Laroi (the man behind Soft News) inspires trust in the listener. His pitch perfect production, crooning voice, and nuanced arrangements deliver the sense that you’re listening to indie renditions of the Great American Songbook. The collection of songs that Soft News covers on Used Melodies weren’t so much diamonds in the rough as diamonds covered in rhinestones, glitter, and neon-colored feathers. Laroi tenderly stripped them of their shimmer and glue to reveal the true gems sparkling beneath. Used Melodies was a passion project. Over the past four years, he’s been recording covers in his home studio, selecting songs as the inspiration strikes. He was grocery shopping when “Separate Ways” by Journey came on over the sound system. Laroi couldn’t shake the melancholic alternate version that was cycling through his head and so he recorded it. He did this with approximately 30 songs from the 80s and early 90s (there are two exceptions: a gorgeous version of Big Star’s 1975 classic “Holocaust” and a complete re-interpretation of Pulseprogramming’s 2003 IDM-inspired track “Blooms Eventually”). Laroi enlisted Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, Jon DeRosa) to mix them. Laroi had no commercial intent for the project but while mixing, Newman heard an album in the works. Laroi and Newman picked their twelve favorite covers and Used Melodies was born. It will be released on Newman’s label, Mother West, in fall 2014. If you hear a hint of Kings of Convenience in Laroi’s rich, clear vocals, it may be because they are his Norwegian countrymen. Originally from Norway, Erik Laroi spent much of his childhood in Detroit and London. This is where he soaked up 80s pop culture, making weekly trips to the record store with his older brother to pick up the latest album by New Wave cult bands like New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and The Smiths. As he got older, Laroi’s tastes broadened, discovering bands like Red House Painters and Low, as well as singer-songwriters like Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell. This wandering path of musical exploration led him to create Used Melodies, an album that takes a decidedly grown-up approach to childhood nostalgia – resurrecting it to fit the present. Used Melodies by Soft News was recorded and produced by Erik Laroi in his home studio in New York. The album was mixed by Charles Newman and Ray Ketchem (Elk City, The Mendoza Line). The tracks feature backing vocals by Lorraine Lelis (Mahogany, Aarktica) and Margaret White (Sparklehorse) and string arrangements by Perry Serpa (TV On The Radio, The Sharp Things) and Jean Cook (Ida, Mountain Ocean Sun).

Emiliano Melis

Emiliano Melis is a music designer and versatile artist based out of New York City. His works are a mixture of dreams, hallucinations and aesthetics expressed with sound installations and poetry. Performance becomes a particular moment, each time played in different ways. A music journey to the deepest part of the soul running through darkness, passion, sensuality, fear, desire and redemption. He collaborated also with many musicians as a remixer and producer, and with international artists as a composer for videos and sound installations in art galleries in Europe and US.

The Stargazer Lilies

Kim Field, John Cep, and Tammy Hirata are The Stargazer Lilies. Through their musical history as a duo dream pop/shoegaze/psychedlic song writing team (John & Kim), they have released 3 albums as the band Soundpool and are about to release their second album as The Stargazer Lilies. Their debut release as The Stargazer Lilies 'We Are The Dreamers' was released on Graveface Records in late 2013. Their second release 'Door To The Sun' is due out on Graveface Records Spring 2016. The duo has shared the stage with the likes of: Chapterhouse, Ulrich Schnauss, A Place To Bury Strangers, Asobi Seksu, School Of Seven Bells, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco and Robin Guthrie to name a few. Their 2015 Spring tour has them paired with Tobacco, Andy Rourke (The Smiths), Airiel, Fever The Ghost, New Fumes, Night School and more. Their second release “Door To The Sun” is due out on Graveface Records Summer 2015.

Ape Shifter

Prog-Metal ensemble APE SHIFTER will be releasing their debut album early 2017! APE SHIFTER is all instrumental and reaches from rockin' 70's riffs played with punk rock ferocity to creeping metal grooves. Intense Simian Instrumental Rock from the nasty pits of the Hellabrunn Zoo.