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Beauty’s Confusion

Philadelphia-based Beauty's Confusion (Jenna Ferone / Chris Caulder) make music that rides a fine line between electronic-pop and gloomy trip-hop. BC formed in late 2001 in Cape Coral, Florida, originally as a trio. Playing largely in the punk and indie-rock local and regional circuit (south Florida), their sequenced Portishead/Hooverphonic-inspired keyboards and swirling Curve-influenced guitars couldn't have been more out of place.

Beauty's Confusion have remixed several independent and well-known artists, including NYC's Sarah Fimm, Belgium's Lunascape, and underground hip-hop artist Buck 65. BC have also been remixed by Bitstream Dream and Canadian electronic composer Rom Di Prisco.

2017 brought the duo back together after a 10-year hiatus. A new single/video "Microfilm" was released in March 2017. BC have even more music in the works, by 2019.

In addition to Beauty's Confusion, Chris Caulder remains intensely active musically, with the following bands: Seldom Family, Boring Extraordinary, The Autumn Skylight, Tentative Plans, and Character Actor (with newcomer Stacy St. Yves). Chris also collaborates with Philly-based artists Telyscopes, and singer/songwriters Hadley Stacks and Cate Gipe).