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Scott Hinkson

With his 2015 record The Song is Not On, Scott Hinkson opts for a decidedly alt-pop synth infusion to add to his rock roots. The familiar, lush and sonorous production highlights his brilliant vocals and musicality on his sixth solo installment. Themes of difficult truths, wanting what you can’t have and accepting the frailty of being human provide Hinkson the spindle to weave his clever songwriting. 

Evolving and growing, Hinkson fearlessly takes on the task of reinventing his sound but never wanes from the core of his music. Pop-inspired track, “Idea Factory,” is aesthetically solid with its balanced production, clever bridge, and polished writing. “Blind Spots” and “Time That Tides” are delicious examples of Hinkson’s evolving sound and practiced hand. The pop-infused hooks, tight harmonies, and complex instrumentation ignite with haunting keyboards and sensuous production.

Hinkson’s self-reflective content is delivered with soul-stinging vocals (see “Last Way Out,” “Ditto,” and “We Fear the Night”). His heartfelt lyrics counterbalance the bright, rich and airy pop-inspired music. Hinkson’s found something new in this latest conjuration and casts a whole new sophisticated light to his music in The Song Is Not On.