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Blonde Tiger

Blonde Tiger was born out of a musical evolution that began in 2013. Andy Wambem met Walker and Amanda Sherman while hosting a local open mic night in Tacoma, WA. They began playing together as a 3-piece band under the name The Sherman Family. The music was a combination of Americana, garage rock, and 90’s alternative. The band continued to play local gigs and eventually recorded a 14 song LP in 2014 entitled “1000 Miles”. In the following years Andy became more adventurous in his songwriting and the band’s sound began to change drastically. As the time approached for them to record a follow up to “1000 Miles” it became abundantly clear that the new sound didn’t fit the moniker of The Sherman Family. The decision was made to re-launch the band under the name Blonde Tiger. Each member of the band had grown significantly in their confidence and musical prowess. This led to the recording of “Fly Free”, a much more adventurous and bold musical statement that combined the spirit of the early 70’s glam movement with a more modern indie rock sound. Upon it’s release “Fly Free” was met with a very positive response in the Tacoma/Seattle music scene. The band continued to perform and support the EP until Andy moved to Nashville, TN in 2016. The band took a 2 year hiatus during that time but Andy continued to write new material while he was away. Fast forward to 2019 and Blonde Tiger has re-emerged, ready to forge ahead and continue making new music.