Bryan Fenkart

The music world has seen many Jacks (and Jills) of all trades, but rarely does it see someone master so many of them as Bryan Fenkart –and at the same time.

Fenkart released his latest full length LP Simple & Grey while simultaneously performing as lead of the national tour of the Tony award-winning musical Memphis. Fenkart crafted the sophomore album while understudying the character he then starred as on tour, pinch-hitting just shy of 200 times on the Broadway stage.

Simple & Grey echoes many of the sentiments and realities of his debut album, Imperfect Man, dissecting the story of the everyman, and shedding an honest light on its most valuable assets. It bridges the grey areas of life, unleashing emotional responses that uplift and inspire. Soaring, full arrangements are balanced by catchy melodies and lyrics that tug your heartstrings, pulling in many directions and with varying grips, but keeping your toe-tapping alongside. This album takes a wider, genuine look at the definition of human, adding previously unexplored dimensions.