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Dave Goddess Group

Daring, Personal & Rare or just Call it “The Real Thing”. The Dave Goddess Group drives the lonely and twisted road to rock n’ roll salvation, shifting gears between truth-telling ballads and pressure-cooked screamers with regard for neither fad nor fashion, trend or taste. 

Spawned in the late 1980’s as regional heroes “The Daddy Licks Band” underwent a name transformation into the DAVE GODDESS GROUP as they return with something to say with renewed vigor & energy, supporting a rocking new 12-track CD “Something New”, and a balls-to-the-wall live show that shows they still have guts, soul.

Rock poet Dave Goddess sings like a desperate man with an axe to grind, solos as Drummer Tom Bazilak and bassist Mark Buschi form a sonic wall of rhythm along with keyboardist/Sax player Tom Brobst roars away like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s rock as religion, painfully out of step, but somehow walking the bleeding edge. It wants to matter. It wants to make you think. It wants to rock your soul and break your heart. 

Dave Goddess Group’s private dream is now in the public domain. Who could sleep through this racket?