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Alison Clancy

Alison Clancy is a multidisciplinary artist working across the time based mediums of dance, music, and video. Her work is centralized around the pursuit of beauty and catharsis. She tours internationally as a company member of Zvi Dance and is in her tenth season dancing at The Metropolitan Opera. Clancy has written, recorded and performed music under the monikers Psycho Tyko, Loving You, HUFF THIS!, Electric Child and composed for theater and dance in New York and Europe. As a performer she has worked with Baz Luhrmann, Martha Clarke, Shen Wei, Ryan Heffington, Marco Evaristti, The Flaming Lips and modeled for many fashion and fine art projects. Clancy holds a BFA in Dance from the Tisch School at New York University and is an Artist in Residence at Middlebury College this spring. 

"An undeniably compelling muse... one of greatest young dancers in New York City, and therefore the world"  - Quiet Lunch

"Ascends to a level of excellence that...hits you like a ton of bricks." - Impose Magazine