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Adam Sullivan and The Trees

Once upon a time, a young singer/songwriter moved to New York City to follow his dreams.  Unlike most aspiring musicians, Adam Sullivan did not want to be a star.  He simply wanted to be alone and unloved – a perfect match for the city.  After years of recording, touring and whiskey- he found himself back home in NYC, with a newfound craving for halal food and companions.   Finding friends to be overrated, he began searching for a band. 

Occasional collaborator Mason introduced Adam to Rob, who dragged along his friend Zack.  Shows were performed, good times were had by all, and so it was decided: a band would be formed.  And they would call themselves The Trees.  And they would make an album different from any album that had ever come before (namely, because this album would be called Adam Sullivan and The Trees). 

So now a new journey begins, with a new band, and a new album.  Where this journey will lead, no one knows.  But we have a good feeling that at the end, there will be whiskey and halal food for all.