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Pale Horse and Rider

Pale Horse and Rider sees Jon DeRosa pick up where his previous acoustic projects have left off (those being the folk goth cult-favorites Dead Leaves Rising and Fade). A departure from his experimental work with Aarktica, Pale Horse and Rider works under the model of classic, drunken, staggered country. Songs about Brooklyn. Songs about drinking. Songs about youth.

While Pale Horse and Rider's first recorded material is featured on the Silber-released Alcohol EPs, PHR's debut full-length, These Are New Good Times, was released by Darla Records in early 2003. The follow-up to Good Times was 2004's Moody Pike, released by Darla in the US and Agenda Music in the UK. Moody Pike was recorded by Paul Oldham at his Rove Studio in Kentucky. Featured on this recording are Marc Gartman (who co-wrote the album), Gerald Menke on pedal steel, and Mike Pride on drums.