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Flotation Device

Flotation Device was created in 2010 to showcase the guitar instrumental songwriting and playing of John Moremen. John has been a full-time member of The Orange Peels (Mystery Lawn Music/Minty Fresh) since 2000, a member of early indie-rock faves Half Japanese, and has performed with Roy Loney (Flamin’ Groovies), Jimmy Silva, and Jad Fair as well as in several solo projects/bands.

John recorded the debut Flotation Device album in his practice space as a way to work out song ideas and give himself a chance to stretch out as a guitar player. The Peels bandmate, Allen Clapp, took these somewhat not-so-primitive recordings and mixed them into a collection that has been cited as “reverent, without being retro." John recruited his friends Chris Xefos (ex-King Missile, current SF producer/engineer), Adam Symons (The Parties), and Ian Robertson (The Bye Bye Blackbirds) to help bring these songs to life and to a live audience.

John continued to write for Flotation Device while also tending to his duties in The Orange Peels, writing, recording and performing two Peels albums in the intervening period. John also completed and released, again for MLM, his collaboration with longtime friend Paul Myers under the project name The Paul and John, the album titled Inner Sunset.