Tremulous Monk

This is the story of Chris Wilkinson's journey since 2000 after returning from a summer spent sitting on a Massachusett's porch, drinking Magic Hat, swatting flies and writing songs. Back in hometown York, UK he began recording the results using his acoustic guitar, a drum kit he bought when he was 15 and his mum's out of tune piano. The result was the beautifully sublime Transparent Folk ep, which he flogged around local gigs to get some money to record the follow up The Sunshine Seat ep. His home studio began to expand to include some cheap organs and a kids xylophone, and in summer 2003 he recorded his first album Sparkle Like Your Shoes. Things got a little bogged down after this due to having no cash to release the album, so as a side project he joined local psyhe-drone-rockers The Falling Spikes.