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Black Ocean Temple

It's telling that the first track off of Black Ocean Temple's debut LP, New Sun, is titled “Multi-Colored Sunset.” Nate Daley, the mind behind Black Ocean Temple, has always displayed a technicolor vibrancy in the many projects he's taken part in, over the years. Whether lending his talents to the pastoral psych of A Leaf, the omnivorous indie-pop of Motopony, the dreamy jaunt of Sporty Lee, or the spiritual grooves of the Owl Parliament, Daley has shown a proclivity for expansive, brain-teasing music.

While Black Ocean Temple is currently a full band – filled out by brothers Jason and Joshua Ott – it began its life as a solo project roughly two years ago. Recorded at Brooklyn's Cottage Sounds, with producer Charles Newman, and with finishing touches done in Tacoma, WA at Alma Mater with Aaron Spiro, New Sun is an album almost entirely written and performed by Daley, though its sonic breadth and wide stylistic variety belies its origins as a one-man venture. Reminiscent of touchstones like T. Rex, David Bowie, Big Star, and the Beatles, this is psychedelic, glam-tinged pop that skips melodically across the ears, finding notes of grace with every impact.