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Jane Machine

Jane Machine lies somewhere in your subconscious catharsis.  Erica von Trapp, producer, vocalist, and songwriter, explores her demons, desires, and existential questioning through a mix of effected synths, intimate vocals, and head-nodding electronic percussion.  The result is a haunting pop noir, vacillating between sensuality, gloom, and mania. Drawing sonic inspiration from her years spent in Paris, where she started producing electronic music, to her childhood spent in the California Bay Area, Jane Machine lies somewhere between modern Scandinavian electro, indie rock and ambient trip hop.’ Von Trapp started composing songs for the debut LP “Back Seat Driver” in France after she left the United States following significant family losses and a simultaneous break-up.  It was in Paris she met her partner and Jane Machine’s drummer/co-producer Jules de Gasperis when he auditioned her to sing for a New Wave project.  The two continued making music together under the duo GRAND BAIN before relocating to Los Angeles to open their own studio in Northeast Los Angeles, where Jane Machine is recorded, produced, and mixed. Von Trapp is currently writing songs for the next album in her studio in Joshua Tree and bringing them to rhythmic life with De Gasperis in LA, this album taking a more spiritual, ambient, and spacious turn.