Star Daddy

Star Daddy is the hip hop alter ego of goth rocker Justin Symbol. Star Daddy made his colorful entrance to the rap game in 2018 with the 'Symbol Season vol.1' mixtape. Boasting 21 songs recorded in just 3 weeks, the mixtape, produced in LA by Ricky Rubinson, showcases a wide array of raw directions and possibilities, Smooth R&B, West Coast Hip Hop, Mumble Rap, and Funk are all touched upon with lyrics that boast of Star Daddy's love of fine dining, full figured women and galactic space adventures. Songs such as "Goldi", "Sno Cone" and "Turnt Up" prove that Star Daddy is more than just another meme, and the latter half of the album showcases a surprisingly deep side that explores the line between Justin Symbol the artist and the Star Daddy persona he has created.