Justin Symbol

Justin Symbol is an la-based electronic artist. His work places strong emphasis on visual themes, with colorful music videos and onstage theatrics. 

2014's ‘VOIDHEAD’ is a 10 track album featured co-founding Marilyn Manson guitarist Daisy Berkowitz. This debut album cast Symbol as an electro-industrial S&M rocker. Dubbing himself the "King of Negativity", Symbol built a devoted cult following with several national tours supporting artists such as Mushroomhead, William Control, the Bunny the Bear, and Blood on the Dance Floor. 

2017's ‘Fuckboi EP’ saw a shift in style as Symbol began to explore hip hop, introducing beats and rapping into his repertoire. The lyrical focus shifted from nihilistic subject matter to include romantic and sexual themes. This EP was well received by fans for highlighting artistic versatility,  earning comparisons to the late David Bowie.It includes dark covers of Pop icons such as Prince and Taylor Swift.

In 2018 symbol continued his unique evolution by forming industrial punk band the God Bombs, based out of New York City,they released a debut 5 track EP entitled ‘HEX’ and toured as the opening act for Ministry and Chelsea Wolfe on the Spring 2018 Amerikkkant Tour. A full length album,Hex Deluxe, is due in Fall 2019. 

In Summer 2018, Symbol  reinvented himself yet again, releasing a debut 21 song hip hop mix tape titled ‘Symbol Season vol.1’ under the alter ego Star Daddy. Star Daddy performed live for the first time this year, accompanied by DJ Swamp (Kid Rock, Beck, Ministry). 

Plans for a Symbol to release a sequel album to 2014’s ‘VOIDHEAD’, entitled ‘GODHEAD’, have been long rumored, but no release date is currently announced.