Photo by Julia Henry, 2014

Photo by Julia Henry, 2014

Alicia Enstrom

Alicia Enstrom is currently the Artistic Director of ALIAS Chamber Ensemble.

She toured the world for nearly ten years as the solo violinist/electric violinist for two Cirque du Soleil’s shows (Quidam – an arena touring show and Wintuk – at NYC’s Wamu Theatre – Madison Square Garden). She was also the lead violinist/fiddler, vocalist, pianist, and dancer with the International Violin Show, Barrage.

And then they simply dazzled with their musicianship. Particularly impressive was Alicia Enstrom of Topeka, KS., who played one piece so fast, and made it look so easy, that you wouldn’t think she would be able to recover and play again (of course, she did). – TIMES RECORD NEWS

In addition, she was invited on fellowship to the Tanglewood Music Center and served as concertmaster and soloist in Anton Webern’s orchestral adaptation of the “Ricerare” movement of Bach’s Musical Offering. It was to be conducted by James Levine – Conductor of NYC Metropolitan Opera and previously Boston Symphony. Due to his illness, the orchestra was conducted and coached by Cristian Macelaru –  WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln Chief Conductor and Michael Tilson Thomas – Music Director San Francisco Symphony. She was also the concertmaster/conductor for the conductorless string orchestra performance of Dvorak’s String Serenade.

The conductor drew from each soloist splendid expressions of their small and large commitments. Meaning was made of every note. Most distinguished … the limpid violin of Alicia Enstrom. – THE BOSTON MUSICAL INTELLIGENCER

Similarly, Alicia was invited to Brevard Music Center and served as concertmaster and soloist in Stravinsky’s Pulcinella under Keith Lockhart – Conductor, Boston Pops.

In 2015, Alicia released her first album, The Monster Speaks. She is currently releasing monthly, A monstEr ROARS, her new music collection, collaborating with visual artists from around the globe. She performs this material solo via looping pedals, and sometimes on a hoop. In addition, she is creator of Dear F Holes, an art and musical exploration.

Alicia is currently working on her Concerto for Violin, Electronics, and Orchestra of which the first movement was premiered June 2018 with the Nashville Concerto Orchestra.

In Nashville, she is privileged to play with the Nashville String Machine, Nashville Music Scoring, and Nashville Recording Orchestra’s for commercial recordings. She plays with the Nashville Symphony, performs with Intersection and Chatterbird New Music Ensembles, and also with the Chris Walters Jazz Quintet. In addition, she scored the poems and poets of NPR’s VersifyPodcast for their 2017 Podcast Party.

Alicia, a magna cum laude graduate of Vanderbilt, is originally from Kansas.