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Kris Gruen
Duos and Trios
Soon to be exclusively released via Appum. This collection of songs is collaborations with friends The Bones of J.R. Jones, Peppina, Rachel Ries and Jim and Sam. Check it out on No Depression.

Jon DeRosa
Black Halo
Black Halo the second full-length release from Jon DeRosa. After moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in early 2014, DeRosa began frequenting Joshua Tree and other sparsely populated nature destinations in California. His spiritual attraction to and fascination with the solitude and openness of these new landscapes, combined with his penchant for '60s pop songwriting and orchestration, largely inspired the vast "West Coast" sound of Black Halo[more]

Daylights Gone
Born out of a lead singer Daniel Blue's memory of his early years as a "raver", the song is a song comparing the phases of the moon to the transformative nature of the human experience. [buy on iTunes]

Soft News
Used Melodies
The self effacing title of Soft News’ debut album, Used Melodies, belies its true nature as an innovative cover album of reimagined 80s pop songs. Each song, from Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself,” to “Love Touch” by Rod Stewart is completely stripped of the decade’s trademark glitter and bombast. [buy on iTunes]

It's Got To Be Now
Hailing from Boston, MA, pop/rock outfit Aloud blends throaty lead vocals with spine-tingling male/female harmonies accompanied by infectious grooves and hard-hitting riffs. Get the 12" vinyl HERE! With a classic FM sound, super-tight performances and rock-solid songwriting, Aloud reminds you that rock and roll is supposed to be fun... lots of fun." - Rust Magazine



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