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Aloud "After the Plague" - Ashley Furniture
Aluminum Babe "Oh Yeah" - Aeropostale Ad
Black Ocean Temple Lean Cuisine "It All"
Charles Newman Composer - Home Goods
Charles Newman Composer - Pepsi X-Factor Ad
Charles Newman Composer - Publix
Cottage Sounds Unlimited Tim Myers - The Lucky Ones (Google Chrome ad)
Earlymay "Don't Hold Me Back Again" - Four Point Hotels
Kris Gruen "What Brings You" - American Eagle Outfitters
Kris Gruen and Brad Gordon - "Body in Motion" - Prudential
Kris Gruen P&G "Thank You Moms" Campaign
Maps For Sleep "Pink Glow" - Sperry
Maps For Sleep Candy Factory Films - Drone Teaser
Phat Beats from The Box Apple Nano Commercial
The Bones of J.R. Jones "Hearts Racing" - Subaru
The Bones of J.R. Jones "Ticket Home" - Equinox
The Ton Ups Adam Levine Denim - Kmart Promo


Aarktica "I am Ice" - Liberty Mutual
Aarktica "You Have Cured a Million Ghosts" - the Crash Reel
Aloud Such a Long Time - Kusama Infinity Documentary
Charles Newman "Book Of Love" - from "Leslie" feat. Peppina
Charles Newman and Steven Stern - Composers - Liberty Mutual - Mary King
Charles Newman Original Score - The Hadza
Charles Newman Original Score - World Circus
Cristina Taddonio "Helplessly" (performed by Fiona Culley) - Life on The Line
Eva and Her Virgins "I'm The Money" - Hello My Name is Doris
Maps For Sleep "Crooked Lines" - Liberty Mutual
Maps For Sleep Liberty Mutual - "Anjali"
Tom Shaner and Danielle Howle - "Glissando" - Thirteen (Big Star)


Aaron Flinn "Shine" - Vice
Aluminum Babe "Oh Yeah" - Recovery Road
Austin Hartley-Leonard and Charles Newman - "Baby You're Mine" - Royal Pains
Austin Hartley-Leonard and Kendall Meade - "In My Sleep" - Chuck
Ceramic "Who's Gonna Guide The Night" - Dexter
Charles Newman and Jon DeRosa - Promo - Last Man Standing
Charles Newman and Steven Stern ft. Lindsay Ray - "Float Away" - The Ghost Whisperer
Cold Blood Club "Down" - Surfing 28 States India
Lauren Molina "The Sky and the Sea" - Parenthood
Mark Bacino "Who Are Yous?" - The Vampire Diaries
Prophecy "Paradise Fire" - The Carrie Diaries
Radio America "Mahabarata" - K-Fed Lip-Syncs on One Tree Hill
Scott McClatchy "Take a Walk With Me" Performed on Rizzoli & Isles
The Davenports "Five Steps" - Intervention
The Davenports "Five Steps" - South Park
The Ton Ups "Losing Streak" - White Collar