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Brooklyn-based Mother West has grown from a small indie label and recording studio to a full-service boutique music catalog, offering music licensing for film and television, publicity and promotions, customized distribution, online sales, music production, artist management and music supervision. With an impressive roster of artists and composers under it's belt, Mother West has worked with an array of artists in various capacities including The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R Jones, The Stargazer Lillies, Jasmine Ash, Aarktica, Kris Gruen, The Davenports, Peppina, Tim Myers, Imani Coppola, Soko, Carina Round and many others. Some of the recent additions to the roster include New York City's Mother Feather and Benjamin Cartel, as well LA based Aloud and Seattle's Motopony.  A recent partnership with Charleston, SC based management and production company Class Pet led by Dan McCurry, and MonoStereo Distribution and The Orchard, has expanded what we offer our artists with management assitance, distribution and label services.

Originally founded by musicians Charles Newman and Paul Casanova, Mother West was named after the sign on the deli downstairs from their studio and was created to release their debut record Noreally Thanks from their band PLEASE in 1994. This led to a cut on the platinum selling Empire Records Soundtrack on A&M Records and the company's first foray into placing music into films.  Since then, and under the helm of Newman, the company continues to grow it's catalog and develop it's community of artists.  
In 2016 Mother West partnered with Los Angeles-based publisher Defend Music to represent the publishing and sync licensing for the Mother West catalog, with Kobalt Music handling the administration. In June 2017 Mother West signed on with LA's Superior Music led by Mara Kluge Schwartz to pitch and represent our master recordings and one stop catalog for film and tv.
In 2017 our music supervision efforts have expanded with the new film "All These Small Moments' starring Molly Ringwald, Jemima Kirk premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2016. We served as music supervisor and score producer on the film and have several featured songs from our artists appearing in it.  At this past SXSW Film Fest we also oversaw the music supervison and score efforts, including custom music for the feature film "Monday" which was part of director Robnert Rodriguez's "Rebel Withour a Crew" project.
Some highlights of uses from the Mother West catalog include: the ongoing theme song "Five Steps" by The Davenports for the Emmy award winning show Intervention, an international spot for American Eagle for the Kris Gruen track What Brings You, songs in several recent Sundance premieres including Lucy Walker's The Crash Reel, Camp X-Ray featuring Kristin Stewart, Zipper and Laggies starring Keira Knightley, and use of the Cold Blood Club song No Duet in the Scorsese produced Revenge of the Green Dragons. and Eva and Her Virgins have a song in the film Hello My Name is Doris starring Sally Field.