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2/22/2017 Agua Mala - A Song For Flint, MI

Pop Matters premieres a new track from Aloud featuring Kendra Jones and Tom Stuart from Cold Blood Club.

"Agua Mala," was written in response to the water crisis in Flint, MI.

Via Pop Matters:

"The resultant tune is told from the perspectives of affected parents watching their children suffer the consequences of drinking lead-tainted water. It opens subtly with a tempered beat and washes of guitar distortion. Quiet verses bubble up to set the stage for the detonation of a refrain. With the urgency that comes from having your voice going unheard, the tune is propulsive and unhinged with frustration. Layered soulful vocals serve to personify the myriad people who suffered the catastrophe’s fallout, blending together in the big gang-style chorus of: 'Fearing for the futures of our sons / And our daughters / From agua mala.'”

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