Mother West Releases Soundtrack to Orion Pictures "All These Small Moments"


When embarking on the soundtrack for her debut film, Melissa B. Miller-Costanzo plucked Dan Lipton from the theater world (conductor of The Band’s Visit and The Last Ship by Sting on Broadway) to compose an original score that would breathe additional life into the characters. Shortly after, she recruited music producer Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R Jones) to handle the music supervision and help find the perfect source music to not only compliment the story but help shape it.  What ensued was a partnership between Miller and Newman, taking them on a collaborative journey of the senses. With Newman taking on the music editor duties as well, the two cut their way through an array of musical options to align with the tone of Lipton’s developing score, while keeping a cohesive sound between the intertwining score cues and song choices they were narrowing down. What resulted was an indie pop rock retro-americana mashup, with a dash of ‘80s and shoegaze thrown in for good measure.


Featured tracks include the film’s musical centerpiece and theme song “My Love Will Bring You Back” that was written and recorded by Slow Runner, featuring Michael Flynn. The song’s music video even incorporates a performance by stars of the film Molly Ringwald and Brian d’Arcy James that Parade Magazine called “a sweet, touching, delicate and heartfelt rendition.” The score and accompanying tracks organically compliment the tale and shape it by closely weaving the music into the fabric of each scene. Miller-Costanzo wanted every song to take the viewer back to a place where they felt something real. Other featured tracks include Vermont troubadour Kris’s Gruen’s “Coming Down Around Me” which was co-penned by Miller-Costanzo after Newman tasked Gruen with writing a song to fit one of the scenes. Miller-Costanzo helped complete the chorus lyrics that enter at a key moment in the story, creating one of the peak marriages of song to picture in the film.


“Not all the storylines connect directly, but there’s a connecting theme. It’s really what the title says: It’s all these small moments that make up a life. It’s all the minutiae. To me, it’s very much like real life.” - Molly Ringwald as told to Entertainment Weekly


The coming-of-age drama is about a teenage boy's infatuation with a woman he sees on the bus that further complicates his already tumultuous adolescence. While he navigates life at home and his parents’ crumbling marriage, he pursues the woman. Other stars of this film include Jemima Kirke, Brendan Meyer, Sam McCarthy and Harley Quinn Smith.