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Davenports_promo1bSo much new, so little time. And i was due, right? First off, it’s my birthday — which is like a new age for me. Second and more important, so it should’ve been first, new music is on the way. One song is top secret so i can’t say much yet, but let’s just say we recorded a song that i didn’t write. Three others i did, and they’ll either be part of an ep or a string of singles — haven’t decided yet — but they’ll start coming out within the next couple months. The lovely Rob Draghi, Erik Philbrook and Cheri Leone added their mastery to it as usual. That’s them in the pic, which brings me to the next new — new snaps! Met a great photographer named Manish Gosalia who’s clearly awesome.

Oh and video! We’re doing a video for one of the aforementioned new songs. My friend Dakkan Abbe will direct again, and it will be good, chock full of music and pictures.

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holy crap it’s been a while, and a new cover

awesome headline. Anyway, apologies to whatever fish swim around here looking for food–i’ve been a bad blogger. But now i got a good reason to post something! Andrew Curry’s awesome project “Drink a Toast to Innocence: A Tribute to Lite Rock.” You can gather from the title what it’s about. He asked me to contribute and i was happy as a clam to do so. Visit his site, and here’s a recent podcast by the legendary Michael McCartney that features our tune–Randy VanWarmer’s “you left me just when i needed you most”–along with a few other gems…

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Firsts are better than seconds

Union Hall show next saturday (aug 13th) marks the very first set on the home turf. Very exciting–right out the back door and all. And to quote Tiny Tim (the little lame boy) yet again, the lineup…oh the lineup. First ever Davenports bassist Danny Weinkauf (TMBG), who played on the very first record Speaking of The Davenports, will return to the bass role. And Charles Newman, co-producer of nearly everything we’ve done, will step into the keys role–the first time we’ve had that role on stage. And my newish friend and expert crooner Terry Radigan will jump up for a tune or two. And Rob Draghi, second Davenports drummer, and Cheri the regular…ah shit i broke the pattern…well anyway they’re superb and they’ll be there too.

Saturday, August 13
7:30 pm
Union Hall
5th Ave at 702 Union St., Park Slope
With label mate Kris Gruen on first

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Special Rock Show at Bowery Electric, June 2

Just cause it’s fun to mix it up sometimes, we’ll be joined this time by drummer Phil Bloom (The Churchills) and bassist Erik Philbrook (The Brilliant Mistakes). Fun rocking royale.

Thursday, June 2
9:00 pm
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (at 2nd street)

The Big Takeover on Why the Great Gallop? (Spring issue on newsstands now):
Brooklyn’s Davenports’ third LP has everything from remarkable hooks to crisp vocal harmoniesThis is flat out a great feel-good album that keeps you entertained searching for the message that I will not reveal here, but rather encourage you to find out for yourself, so you don’t deprive yourself of such greatness!”

Special Rock Show at Bowery Electric, June 2
Just cause it’s fun to mix it up sometimes, we’ll be joined this time by drummer Phil Bloom (The Churchills) and bassist Erik Philbrook (The Brilliant Mistakes). Fun rocking royale.

Thursday, June 2
9:00 pm

Bowery Electric
327 Bowery (at 2nd street)
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the davenports Cinco de Mayo special

the number of the nightCinco de Mayo is coming up, and you know what that means — a Davenports show! But this show, as you would expect, is all about “5.”

“5″ players on stage if you don’t count the other 3 players. “5″ songs, until we play the other 5 songs. “5″ strings on our guitars once we each break a string from tequila.

Come help us make “5″ as special a number as 2. See you there!

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the next video

is up! And this one’s for a song–”Thinking About You, Maryann“–that’s actually from the new record. But the video itself is, of course, “of a set,” because we Davenports prize structure above all else.

This one, like “Five Steps” before it, was shot on a sweltering August afternoon in the Living Room of our friends Rob Wilson and Elizabeth Crowell’s Prospect Heights mansion. The picture at left, while not being from that session, is from the Living Room, but the one that’s a club, where we just had that record release show. Some vid to come from that soon!

In the meantime, enjoy “Thinking About You, Maryann!”

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new record out today

The new Davenports record–Why the Great Gallop?–is finally here! Slant magazine calls it “a terrific, well-performed power pop record,” and that’s ok by us.

What separates Brooklyn-based quartet the Davenports from other power-pop acts like Jimmy Eat World and Guster is their attention to the most minute details of day-to-day drudgery. On the band’s third album, Why the Great Gallop?, frontman and principal songwriter Scott Klass once again proves himself capable of taking seemingly trivial concerns and spinning them into quirky, cockeyed narratives.

If you havent already, sign up on the left for a free track from the record, and buy it on Amazon, iTunes or whatever digital store makes you click-happiest.

The record release party is next week. Come!

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party like you’re releasing a record

Or party with us, because we are releasing a record.

It’s the Why the Great Gallop record release party at the Living Room! This of course will be the full-full band, including Claudia Chopek, Garo Yellin, Eleanor Norton, Cheri Leone, plus Angela (pictured), Tommy, Karyn and me. And just shitloads of fun.

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“Five Steps” video premiere on A&E

We’re pleased as punch to announce the world premiere of our video for “Five Steps,” which is helping to usher in the new season of Intervention, and is live on A&E here.

Directed by Dak Abbe, and filmed in the Prospect Heights house of our friends Rob and Elizabeth (owners of the hot Sterling Place in Brooklyn), the vid features everyone’s favorite string trio–Claudia Chopek, Garo Yellin and Eleanor Norton–as well as the lovely Cheri Leone rubbing two pieces of paper together.

It’s starting as an exclusive here, then it’ll be in some of those other places where they put videos shortly. Have a look!

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and it also means…

…The Davenports xmas song is back! Download WHORE FOR THE HOLIDAYS here.

You D-port fetishists know this is actually the second version of the song. The first appeared on Hi-tech Lowlife with synthetic timpani. This version hit the melancholy even harder, with the beautiful cello work of Garo Yellin, and heart-beats by Angela Webster and Rob Draghi.

Why another pic of Alastair Sim as Scrooge, you ask? 1) because i’m gunning up to watch it like i do every year; 2) because i stole the warped-sounding bells idea at the beginning of “Whore for the Holidays” from the Jacob Marley scene in the film.

And just because someone asked for them, here are the words:

Whore for the holidays

By now you could explain
What you think you might gain
Drivin your trouble train at xmas

The office party phase
Drunk in a carnal maze
Whore for the holidays–you’re branded with the crack of the first case
And they’re handed their whore for the holidays

Ring ring the closing bell
You can already smell
The chicken wings and well drinks spillin

Decorum is for fools
Tied to their cubicles
You know the normal rules no longer apply once Bing Crosby plays
So we wrong her—our whore for the holidays

Lorraine said ‘I just don’t know how you can do this again,’
but one of these guys takin advantage of me now
will take care of me when the time comes

Squint on your walk of shame
The sun has got your name
on hand cause it’s the same every year
A morning’s hateful haze
Can you still bear your whore for the holidays?

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