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released on May 6th, 2003 on the venerable Le Grand Magistery label — home of Momus, The Blood Group, Mascott and Stars — this is Flare's second full-length album. Expanding on the swirling orchestral pop psychedelia oftheir recent single DEFINITIVE (available below), HUNG is a veritable song cycle of Love (and Sex and of course death) in The City, a virtual tour of New York's darkly romantic, often traumatic underground.

Previously unrecorded live favorites including  “Obvious,” “Glitter” and “If/Then” flow inevitably into a new version of “(Don't Like) The Way We Live” now — a sleeper hit first released on London’s best-dressed pop magazine, COMES WITH A SMILE compilation CD last fall. The usual assortment of ukes and other odd string instruments are tastily complimented on HUNG by toys pianos, glockenspiels, handclaps, banjos and other aural surprises from Beghtol's instrument collection. The Flare penchant for innovation design and packaging   was realized by NY designer/photographer/illustrator Jorge Colombo, Beghtol and Le Grand Magistery mogul Matt Jacobson, and features art by NYC artists Jorge Colombo and Amy Yoes, as well a selection of arcane ephemera from the NBFGF archives.

NYC Based chamberpop ensemble Flare, headed by songwriter/vocalist LD Beghtol (left)and multi-instrumentalist Charles Newman (right), blends classic pop with experimental, classical, country music and noise into a distinctive, contemporary sound. Rife with haunting vocals, lush keyboards, fragile ukuleles, delicate guitar and banjo textures and intense string arrangements, Flare is richly melodic and subtly unsettling. In a review of the album version of "Celebrate the misery," British baroque synthpop legend Momus said: "There's almost a machismo of melancholy [to the song]... to me that's very romantic." And CHICKFACTOR #12 called Flare's 1998 debut CD, BOTTOM (Tamper Evident), "the perfect music for lying on a chaise and wallowing in despair."

Merritt became aware of Flare's music - which he waggishly dubbed "acoustic Goth" in a TIME OUT article about the band - through his manager, Claudia Gonson. Beghtol and Merritt's association began with a shared love of obscure experimental pop and a keen interest in arcane musical instruments. While recording the now-classic 69 LOVE SONGS, Merritt availed himself of Beghtol's cache of vintage Marxophones, Tremoloas, Violin-Ukes, ukuleles and other musical toys - and Beghtol made his recorded keyboard debut with the Fields on his 1893 harmonium on their duet, "Xylophone Track." Additionally, Beghtol and Merritt - along with another 69 LOVE SONGS guest vocalist, Dudley Klute - perform under the moniker The Three Terrors.

Flare's dark sound has garnered favorable comparisons to Low, This Mortal Coil, Lisa Germano and Love among others. Recently Flare has performed with such well-respected artists as LOW, The Magnetic Fields, Elf Power, Robert Forrester, the Kletter Sisters, Mascott, Acetone,Science Park, and The Clientele.

Flare  Definitive
(ep cd)

As a preview of their upcoming full-length album, HUNG, Flare offer the single "Definitive" - a full-on pop song singalong with soaring choruses, chiming guitars and an epic string arrangement. "Definitive" - which featurings Mr. John Wesley Harding on backing vocals - asks the age-old romantic question: "What will you do when it's over?" Also included on the CD maxi-single is a special remix of "Course" (a lost Flare classic previously on available in Italy!) and a cover of Mr. Gene Autry's timeless cowboy classic, "You're the Only Star i My Blue Heaven" - as rendered in close harmony to the strains of a lone ukulele.
Dreamy Records

"WISH ON A STAR" Including another upcoming track from the new Flare cd. Also includes tracks from Dudley Klute, (The Real ) Tuesday Weld, Rivulets, Summer Hymns, Arco and more.

Flare  Circa
(ep cd)

The chamber pop of Flare continues on CIRCA, a six song EP of sorrow, sadness and sacrifice. There are no shortages of unique instruments used here, including keyboards, haromium, melodica, marxophone, violin, aqualin, cello, recorder, traditional guitars and drums, and ukulele. Flare creates a very deep, somber, and heavily orchestrated album. Add Beghtol's vocals that hint at Morrissey's style of singing, and you get something truly unique and wonderful.

Flare  Celebrate the Misery
(7 inch)

Features atmospheric remix by Stephin Merritt

Pop genius Stephin Merritt -- of The Magnetic Fields, whose triple-CD 69 love songs made the critic1s "TOP 10" polls in SPIN, ROLLING STONE, THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE VILLAGE VOICE -- has taken a slow, minor-key ballad and made it... even slower! His remix of Flare's version of "Celebrate the misery," restructures the original album track from BOTTOM, stripping it down to a grinding morass of heavily reverbed acoustic double bass and chiming electric guitars, and adds atmospheric dub effects and a commanding new vocal from LD Beghtol. The single's lush b-side is an ambient cover of the classic Everything But the Girl song, "Another bridge," featuring gorgeous cello and violin lines.

Flare  Bottom
(debut full-length cd)

"Like Simon & Garfunkel on heavy pharmaceuticals". ÷ New York Blade

"Flare makes really beautiful music... full of gorgeous measured moments backed by cello, violin, guitar and a nice array of dinky keyboards". ÷ J.R. Taylor, NY Press
"Led by LD Beghtol, whose morose and uncommonly tender baritone was showcased on the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs, Flare's slow and trancey chamber-folk makes a worldview out of alienation... Think first-album Velvets, with the bearish Beghtol as Nico."
- Rob Tannenbaum VILLAGE VOICE
"Flare makes incredibly sad, literate music... The singer sings just like Ian Curtis with a Southern accent -and we mean that in the best possible way. Be prepared to weep."
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